Time is certain!49 people intend to enter the medical examination

On May 31, Junxian issued a public recruitment of high -level medical examination announcements in 2022.

According to the requirements of "Junxian 2022 Public Recruitment of High -level Urgent Talent Announcement" and "Junxian People’s Hospital Medical and Health Community to publicly recruit high -level urgent need for talent announcement in 2022", the announcement of the relevant matters of the medical examination is as follows:

1. Physical examination object

According to the test score from high to low scores, the person who intends to enter the medical examination session according to the proportion of the number of recruitment and the number of medical examinations is 1: 1.

Junxian publicly recruited high -level high -level urgently needed talents to enter the list of medical examinations in 2022

Junxian People’s Hospital Medical and Health Community publicly recruited high -level high -level urgently needed talents to enter the list of medical examinations in 2022

2. Physical examination standard

The medical examination shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the "General Standards for Civil Servant’s Medical Examination (Trial)" and "Manual (Trial) of Civil Servants’ Medical Examination Manual (Trial)".

3. Setting time and place of physical examination

Collection time: June 3, 2023 (Saturday), the collection is completed before 7:30 am, and closed management is implemented.

Collection location: Gathered in front of the Sports Inspection Center of Junxian People’s Hospital.

Fourth, precautions

(1) Please bring your ID card and interview notice to participate in the medical examination.If the certificate is not verified at the scene, it will not be able to participate in the medical examination and cancel the qualifications of the medical examination.Candidates who participate in the medical examination must arrive at the gathering place on time.Anyone who has not arrived than the prescribed time is deemed to be eligible for physical examination automatically.

(2) Candidates for medical examinations, please take the initiative to handle all communication tools to keep the staff. If you find that candidates use communication tools, they will cancel their physical examination qualifications.During the medical examination, please cooperate with the doctor to carefully check all the items, do not miss the examination.If you automatically abandon an inspection item, it will affect the results of the medical examination.

(3) Please pay attention to rest before physical examination. Eat less or not eat high -fat foods. Do not stay up late, do not drink alcohol, do not drink drinks, avoid strenuous exercise.Blood collection, B -ultrasound and other examinations are required on the day of the medical examination. Please fast for 8 hours before the inspection.Please wear loose and physical clothing to participate in the medical examination, do not wear metal buttons, and should not wear necklaces.

(4) Female examiners may not have a gynecological and urine examination during menstruation. After the menstruation is completed, the candidates involved must inform the staff and record the situation;Inform the medical staff not to do X -ray examination, and make up for re -examination after the end of pregnancy.

(5) When the candidate has doubts about the medical examination conclusion, the application for re -examination should be submitted in writing. The re -examination can only be performed once.

(6) Candidates’ physical examination costs are 300 yuan, and candidates need to bring their own cash. In view of the possibility of re -inspection on the day, candidates are requested to prepare an additional fee.

(7) Candidates must strictly abide by the discipline of medical examinations and falsify or conceal the real situation during the medical examination. As a result, candidates who have lost the results of the medical examination will cancel their employment qualifications.

(8) Candidates must inquire the archives storage unit in time. After the physical examination, depending on the storage of personal archives, they will go to the Junxian Talent Exchange Center to complete the transfer procedures.

Submitted materials: Personnel (graduate) file, original graduation certificate, and original degree certificate.

For those who enter the medical examination, please reply to the SMS "Candidates’ Name+Receive Notice" to 15139222007.

Contact number: 0392-6636122

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