Tofu is called "longevity food", but cannot such people eat more?Most of you misunderstand


Tofu with good color, fragrance, and taste, deeply loved by vegetarians and the ability to chew the mouth to decrease groups, and also have the title of "plant meat" and "healthy and longevity".But about tofu, many people are worried that eating or excessive tofu for a long time will cause kidney stones.

Well, you are wrong. Kidney stones are a benign disease, mainly because solid components in human urine, including the concentration of minerals such as calcium salt, is too high, even beyond the range that the body can withdraw, and the kidney crystallizationDeposit.

After the ureter, if it is a small stone particles, it may be discharged with the urination of the body, but for the excessive stones particles, it may be blocked in the ureter, and there will be different degrees of waist soreness, hematuria, and urinary tract.Infection and so on.

What needs to be careful is that if you do not actively cooperate with doctors after the kidney stones appear, it may increase kidney damage or even lose function.

The problem comes. What is the relationship between kidney stones and tofu?

Some people use calcium oxalate in tofu to make articles, and they know that about 80%of stones are due to calcium oxalate. Isn’t eating tofu cause kidney stones?

It can only be said that your association ability is quite powerful. There are indeed oxalic acid and calcium in tofu, but its calcium content is not as high as milk, and it will not accumulate calcium in urine in a short time after eating.For oxalic acid, calcium oxalate may be formed after calcium in the body, but because the dose is very low and the solubility is low, it is not easy to form stones in the end.

In addition, I have to tell everyone that even if you have a high risk of stones or stones, you can eat it in moderation because of the low content of tofu.

On the contrary, for the food such as tofu, it is recommended that you eat moderate amount every day, that is, according to the latest version of the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines", that is, eat about one or two, 30 ~ 50g of soy products, and replace it with the same amount of tofu of the same amount of tofu.It is 200g or 800ml soymilk.

Compared with other foods, the biggest advantage of tofu is the weak estrogen level. It is different from the estrogen in the human body and is a kind of plant estrogen.For physical health, the estrogen can improve when the estrogen is reduced. When the estrogen increases, the body can play a lower role, which is very beneficial to alleviate the symptoms of menopausal symptoms.

Looking at the rich plant protein in tofu, although it is not as good as animal protein for the digestion and absorption of the body, it can meet the body’s needs for protein, especially the group of special groups, especially vegetarians, and can eat appropriate amounts every day.

There are also overweight, obesity groups that need to lose weight, low fat content in tofu, and rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, etc., which can assist the body to reduce the level of low -density lipoprotein cholesterol.

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