Too miserable!The 10 -year -old girl in Brazil and the 21 -year -old actress are pregnant after being sexually assaulted.

Recently, a case in Brazil caused tsunami -like public opinion and shocked the whole country.

The 21 -year -old actress was pregnant and forced to give birth to a child. She decided to send her child adoption, but was threatened by the hospital nurse, saying that she would expose her record of having a child.

Another actress got the news, took the opportunity to expose the matter, and yelled at her on the media platform …

After being sexually assaulted, the victims experienced huge public pressure and cyber violence.

The 21 -year -old actress who was forced to speak out afterwards said, "As a woman, I was raped by a man first, and now many people who judge me are repeatedly raped."

The name of Klara Castanho has been boiling for several days on the Brazilian social network.

She was originally a very popular female star in Brazil. Children was born in film and television dramas from an early age. She successfully became a higher popular singer and actress during her childhood.

He also participated in the Brazilian Youth TV series "Back to 15".

Now she is only 21 years old. Obviously, there will be better career development in the future, and the star journey will be bright.

But recently, she was discussed by netizens, not because of any work, but the privacy of the pain that was exposed without her consent -the past raped.

The whole process was unimaginable and painful for her. Let’s re -take a look at the whole thing from the perspective of Brazilian passers -by.

This incident started with a male journalist at first. On June 16, Brazilian reporter Leo Dias said in an interview with a program that he had encountered a career dilemma in recent weeks. I don’t know if it should be released about actresses about actresses.Report.

Note that the reporter did not mention the name or any details of the case.

On June 24, a 49 -year -old Brazilian actress and host Antonia Fontenelle revealed the specific information described by the reporter Dias during the live broadcast of the oil pipe. It was said that it was about a 21 -year -old popular actress after pregnancy.And those who delivered the child to adoption also mentioned the emotional life of the actress’s "chaotic", and the words were full of contempt and anger.

Left is Dias, right for Antonia

"After the 21 -year -old girl was pregnant, she concealed her pregnancy, and even worked during pregnancy. She gave birth to a child. According to the information held by reporter Leo Dias, she asked the hospital! "

The girl’s "what to do" has detonated Antonia,

"Don’t cry for me! I won’t say your name, because I don’t have such a right. But don’t cry for me, because I am likely I can’t control my temper,Say your name. "

In these words, she screamed and shouted, and then criticized the "21 -year -old girl" in her mouth with a sensational tone.

Note that although Antonia did not mention the specific name, she revealed enough information and details to allow netizens to associate the case with Clarala.

In his early 20s, popular actresses, secretly pregnancy, adopting children … These irritating words successfully attracted the attention of netizens. On that day, Clara became the most named name mentioned on the Brazilian social platform.

Many people began to abuse her without bottom line according to Antonia’s description and hate her hate attacking. I think she is a young girl who abandoned children irresponsible …

The huge public opinion overwhelmed Clara, and she was forced to keep silent. She could only dig into psychological trauma and put everything she wanted to bear alone.

One day after the explosion of the matter, Clarala issued a statement on the social platform, and everything that happened to himself was said.

In the "ten evils" in the population, she was actually suffering from pain.

"This is the most difficult experience in my life. I think I will suffer this kind of pain and heavyness alone. I have always kept secret of my emotional life, so being exposed to privacy in this way really makes me feel fear.

However, when I saw the violence and trauma I suffered from all kinds of conspiracy theories and rumors, I could no longer remain silent.

I was raped.

Recalling that experience, it will give me a feeling of death, because some of me indeed died."

Clara, who is alone in a big city, has been traumatized in a relationship, but psychological damage is not all.

After being raped for a few months, she began to feel uncomfortable. The doctor said that it might be gastritis and fibroids. She made a CT scan. During the scanning process, the inspection was hurriedly stopped.

The doctor told her that there was a fetus in her uterus.

At this time, her pregnancy had reached the late stage, and Clara collapsed. Her menstrual cycle was normal, her body was not obviously strange, her weight did not increase, her belly was not large.

Why suddenly get pregnant?IntersectionIntersectionAnd what about the third trimester?Intersection

Here we have to talk about cases like this that did not find that you were pregnant, and only when you were in the third trimester, or even when you were about to give birth, it was not rare globally globally.

A paper on the British Medical Magazine estimates that this happens every 2500 times.

A Professor of Multid -helping in the UK also said, "This is not a particularly unusual phenomenon."

Especially girls like Clara in their early 20s. Born in 2000, she was a child herself, and it was normal to not know about pregnancy.

During pregnancy, she felt violated again.

In a medical consultation, she told the doctor the fact that she was raped and explained everything that happened, but the doctor did not have any sympathy for her experience.

On the contrary, the doctor forced her to listen to the child’s heartbeat, saying that half of the child’s DNA comes from you, and you must love TA.

Clara is almost crazy. This is not a product of love. This is the product of a series of violence on her.

However, she had to give birth to her child at that time, because Brazil has been prohibited from abortion since 1890, and it has only increased the exception until 1940. Rape, incest, fetal brainless deformity, or female life can be abandoned due to pregnancy.

But abortion must also be performed within 20 weeks of pregnancy.

In general, the attitude of abortion is extremely severe. Surgery abortion and drug abortion are the focus of blows. Women want to buy abortion medicines can only find drug dealers.

And even if there are problems and caused complications, I dare not go to the hospital to see it. Because I am afraid of seeing signs of abortion, the maximum is sentenced to three years in prison after being alarm.

Women who purchase abortion drugs from drug dealers to terminate pregnancy

The 21 -year -old Clarra was forced to consider having children under such a harsh legal background. While dealing with affairs, her heart had to deal with sexual violence.

She knew in her heart that the child was the product of violence, and this violence destroyed her, and she could not give the child love and care emotionally.

After a few days of psychological struggle, she found a lawyer and decided to directly give birth to the child to adopt adoption.

She followed all the compulsory legal procedures: psychological assessment, prosecutors, judges, hearing.

According to the law, the entire process must ensure that her privacy with her child is protected. After all this, she feels that this matter can finally be turned over, as long as the child is born.

But she didn’t expect that there were more malice and storms waiting for her.

On the day of delivery, when she was weak after giving birth, a nurse in the operating room came to her and threatened her directly, "Imagine, if any reporter knows this story …"

When she was pushed back to the ward, some reporters already knew everything, except for the rape.

It is hard to imagine how a 21 -year -old girl face it all. No one really cares about her and children. Everyone is like a vulture. She just wants to pinch the next piece of meat from her injured body, and it is fast.

Taking her pain as a talk, a report, and a "melon" in the entertainment industry.

Soon, another reporter came to her and asked her if she was pregnant. After she talked to these reporters, they all promised not to report.

But "they know", it has proved that at the moment when the victims were extremely fragile, those professionals who should have protected her, even if they only respected the confidentiality of childbirth and confidentiality, did not follow the minimum occupational literacy and morality.

They have no respect for Clara and children.

Not only does it disrespect, but also an open attack and humiliation like Antonia, making her private pain a person in the world and hate.

It is hard to imagine how much psychological pressure and humiliation the girls who were only 21 years old this year had to bear. It was very pitiful to be forced to give birth to the child by rape.Voluntaryly speaking privacy trauma.

She is a victim, and the children who are forced to give birth are the same. She has no emotional conditions for raising the child, and it is not necessary for children to bear it all. Isn’t it the best result for children to grow up in a loving family?

As Krara said, "Sending children to adoption is not a crime, but the best care."

She said that all this is not voluntary, but she also hopes that at least all of them can make women and girls feel guilty or ashamed because of their violence.

The wrong thing is not the victim, but the perpetrators and the attacker.

The Craola’s statement caused a stir. People did not expect that behind Anthonia’s "indignation", it turned out to be a terrible trauma like Clara.

For a while, the angry Brazilian netizens rushed into the Antonia’s comment area, accusing her of indifference and attack on the victims.

However, Antonia himself did not feel that he did something wrong. He also scolded her netizens on the social platform and closed her comment area.

In this incident, the Brazilians were not upset for Clara, and on the other hand, it was not an illegal anger in Brazil’s abortion.

If the victim of the rape can choose not to do this child at the beginning, there will be no such things in the back. For children, it is not necessarily a good thing to be born due to violence.

Clarala’s encounter is not an example in Brazil, but a general situation of women as victims. In May, there was a more ingenious case, which was fiercely opposed.

After a 11 -year -old rape victim, the doctor refused to give her an abortion because even the victim of the rape would have to abortion before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

When the girl was violated, she was only 10 years old. Parents were pregnant for 22 weeks and two days when they were abnormal.

Girl’s hospital hospital

The case was submitted to the court, and the judge stood on the side of the doctor and ruled that the girl could not abandon, because her pregnancy was too long!

At the hearing, the judge discussed the baby to adopt the baby and told the girl that "there are 30,000 couples want this baby."

She also asked the girl if she wanted to name the baby, or even asked the girl whether the man raped her agreed to send the baby to adopt.

Judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer

All kinds of details make people simply surge in blood pressure. What is this? This child is only 11 years old!

Everything she encounters is wrong, it is violent, but this result requires her to bear …

Is there a half -year -old child/rape victim to have children with various words, and is there a more incredible thing than this child/rape victim?

Judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer

Although the girl finally undergone abortion surgery last Wednesday, it was obviously under tremendous pressure.

If even rape victims such as Clara and minor girls cannot be abandoned by the protection of the law, the only restricted abortion rights in Brazil are survived.

Those who oppose abortion preach their love for life, but in these cases, in the reality of women who have to find drug dealers and black markets to buy abortion medicines, there are no "love for life".pain of.

The "legal, safe, free abortion" that they have always called for are getting farther and farther.

What is even more desperate is that this kind of unable to make a decision by himself. The living life is not as good as the embryo in the uterus. This is not only a Brazilian woman, but also the reality that more and more women in the world will face.

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