Too rare!The fetus was actually discovered in the spleen.

The spleen is responsible

Human immune function organs

It has the function of filtering and storage of blood

But there is such a situation

The fetus actually grew on the spleen

What is going on?

On August 8th, the reporter learned from the Second Hospital of the Second University of Affairs that the hospital recently found a case of a highly suspected spleen of ectopic pregnancy, and successfully eliminated the risk for the patient.

According to reports, ectopic pregnancy in the spleen is very rare, and only 20 cases have been reported worldwide to date.

The 24 -year -old Xiao Xu was from Tongling, Anhui. Two months ago, he found that there were benign tumors in the ovaries. In June this year, he undergone ovarian tumor resection in a hospital in Hefei.According to Xiao Xu’s memories, she and her husband had sex before the operation.One month after surgery, Xiao Xu had no menstruation, and had early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.Xiao Xu came to a medical hospital for obstetrics and gynecology hospitals again. After inspection, it was found that it was in line with the pregnancy indication. The abdominal ultrasound reminded that no embryo was found inside and outside the uterus. There was a block of about 4cm above the spleen.EssenceIn order to seek effective treatment, on July 18, Xiao Xu accompanied his family to go to the Pandal Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University to seek medical treatment.

Hou Hui, chief physician of the general surgery (liver and gallbladder and pancreatic surgery), took the clinic. In the face of this rare special case, General Surgery immediately met with the obstetrics and gynecology department and drafted treatment opinions.

"Patients have a stable signs of life when admission. HCG (indicating the indicator of pregnancy) is as high as 3,000, but no embryos are found in the uterine and pelvic cavity. It is judged as an abnormal pregnancy, combined with the block above the spleen, and the high level is suspected to be the spleen’s ectopic pregnancy."Wang Jing, a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, introduced.

"In the past 50 years, there are only 20 cases of ectopic pregnancy in the world." Cui Xiao, deputy chief physician of the general surgery of the hospital, pointed out that most of the common ectopic pregnancy is near the uterus, and it is very rare to travel to the spleen.If the embryo continues to develop in the spleen, the spleen blasting will be caused, and the patient will be in danger of life.

"The spleen is an organ that stores blood. Once the consequences of the rupture are unimaginable." In view of the stability of the patient’s life signs, after the opinions of the comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology department, general surgery has adopted conservative treatment of patients.Growth until shrinking."In order to prevent the occurrence of uncontrollable factors, we have also prepared for surgical removal of embryos." Cui Xiao said.

After the general surgery of the hospital received a two -week conservative treatment, the patient’s HCG index decreased significantly. The recent monitoring indicated that the embryo had stopped developing, and the safety of the small may be over the dangerous period.It is reported that the patient’s current situation is stable, and further observation is being accepted in the ward. It is expected to be discharged from the hospital in the near future.

Regarding the cause of this ectopic pregnancy, Cui Xiao believes that it is related to patients and individual factors.Wang Jing said that abnormal causes of chronic fallopian tubeitis and tubal development are common causes of ectopic pregnancy.In addition, failed contraception and auxiliary reproductive technology can also lead to ectopic pregnancy.

Source: Anhui Radio and TV Station

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