Tooth bleeding may not only be the problem of teeth, pay attention to health alerts.

Teeth will bleed when brushing their teeth, and this situation is estimated that many people have encountered it.Since childhood, our parents have told us that this is "getting angry", and it will be fine in a few days.Is it so simple?What are the causes of teeth bleeding?In fact, the seemingly common teeth bleeding may not only be the problem of the teeth, but also the signs of the body suffering from other diseases. We must pay attention to it.

The young and strong little Li has always had the problem of brushing bleeding. He has always believed that it was caused by his work pressure and fire.However, recently, not only bleeding when brushing his teeth, but also occasionally bleeding when he did not brush his teeth. Moreover, Xiao Li always felt that his mouth was strange. He judged that he might have periodontitis.However, I did not expect that when I went to the hospital for examination, it turned out to be bleeding from teeth caused by severe platelets.

How can a common brushing bleeding connect with blood disease?The doctor explained to Xiao Li that, unlike cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and digestive tract diseases, the relatively low incidence of hematological diseases is relatively low, so some not obvious symptoms are often ignored.Symptoms, if not treated in time, may also develop into intracranial hemorrhage or internal organs.Moreover, it is not just platelet problems, but also "bleeding" occurred in the early stage of blood diseases such as leukemia and abnormal hyperplasia syndrome.Therefore, once a long period of unknown bleeding is encountered, the possibility of the disease must be considered first.

In addition, when considering "brushing bleeding", you must pay attention to one question, where did this blood come out?Is it a teeth?Gingival?Or other parts of the mouth?You know, if it is just a simple gum bleeding, we may not need to worry too much, but if this blood comes from the nasopharyngeal part of the oral cavity, it must pay special attention, because this position has always been considered to be a high incidence of malignant tumors.Therefore, if you have brushing bleeding but not determining the bleeding point, you must check the examination in time to prevent delays from delaying the condition.

Of course, the teeth hemorrhage caused by blood diseases mentioned above are a minority. Most of the causes of teeth bleeding must be blamed as the teeth itself.Not only is the teeth bleeding when brushing the teeth above, but sometimes the mouth sucks hard, and gum bleeding will occur. In this case, most of them are caused by periodontal disease.

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two most common forms of periodontal disease.The reason why the gum problem occurs is mainly related to the cleaning of the mouth after eating. Although it is often brushed and rinsing my mouth, food residues will inevitably exist in the gap of the teeth. After a long time, it may form formedTartar.The long -term existence of dental stones can cause gingival inflammation and bleeding.To a certain extent, gingivitis may occur, and periodontal problems may occur, such as periodontal membrane, dental bone, and alveolar bone may cause inflammation.The duration of the periodontal disease can last for a long time, and the gums can be reduced, the teeth are loose, the teeth are made on Monday, and even the teeth will fall off.

Not only that, there are a large number of germs in the oral secretions in the oral secretions. If the germs may enter the respiratory tract and lungs if not treated in time, bronchitis and tonsil inflammation may occur.Moreover, after entering the blood of the oral germs, the function of the decomposition of the insulin decomposition will weaken, which will cause blood sugar to rise. Data show that the chance of diabetes with diabetes is much higher than that of normal people.Therefore, the dysplasia of the dysplasia should be seen in a timely manner. Through professional treatment, to clear the teeth and foreign objects, restore your healthy teeth and strong physique.

1. Persist in brushing and wash your teeth correctly

Brushing teeth is something we do every day, but how is the correct way to brush your teeth?First of all, in the choice of toothbrushes, try to choose the hair as soft as possible, and when brushing your teeth, try to use the vertical brush method to prevent damage to the gums.In addition, in addition to insisting on brushing our teeth every morning and evening, we must also pay attention to regular teeth. Through professional doctors, we can clean up the tartar, dental stones, and other things that are easily stimulated by bleeding gums, and also have a clean environment.Of course, do not wash your teeth too hard. Wash it every six months to a year.

2. Repair the damaged teeth in time

What should I do if my teeth are broken?Many population cavities have residual roots and crowns, because they are not painful or itchy, and some can stay in the mouth for more than ten or even decades.In fact, these crowns and roots are very easy to scratch the tongue, resulting in the hyperplasia and thickening of the tongue mucosa. Over time, it may cause cancer.

3. Women’s special things should pay more attention to oral hygiene

Women’s menstrual period and pregnancy period should pay special attention to oral hygiene and health. Due to the decrease in resistance during menstrual periods, women’s menstrual periods are more serious than before. With the end of the physiological period, the symptoms will be reduced.The relationship between pregnancy and the oral cavity is closer. Data show that women with periodontal diseases generally have a low ability of pregnancy, and the chance of harers during pregnancy is greater.Healing will be affected, so women should list teeth as necessary inspection items when preparing pregnancy.

4. In the case of unknown oral bleeding, check as soon as possible

The bleeding of unknown causes is very dangerous, especially if you cannot determine the bleeding point. You must go to a professional hospital for examination in time to prevent the possibility of concealment of hidden hematological diseases.

As we said earlier, the majority of gum bleeding may be periodontitis or other diseases of the dental part, but if patients with liver disease, should be vigilant, if you have not reviewed the disease for a long time, you should verify it as soon as possible. First check it out.Whether the liver is abnormal, because the liver itself is also a place for the synthesis of human coagulation factors. When the serious liver disease or the liver situation worsens, the coagulation factor will become less.Or gums of bleeding, and skin purpura, gastrointestinal bleeding, etc.

Of course, it is normal to find that there is no obvious liver injury and coagulation examination, and you don’t have to worry too much about the problem of liver disease.

Studies have found that the destruction of dental bacteria on the inner wall of the blood vessels is very strong. Actively performing the prevention and treatment of dental diseases. For reducing data of cardiovascular disease, there are many connections between periodontal disease and heart disease.The risk of heart disease, while periodontitis can lead to increased white blood cells in the body, which in turn induces heart disease.The occurrence of the disease has a significant effect.

The relationship between diabetes and periodontal diseases is in the saying goes: the public is not separated from the Polyum scale.

A foreign study found that the probability of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in diabetes is nearly doubled than normal people.Dental disease, especially gingivitis, can cause bacteria to enter the blood to produce inflammatory biological signals, which may cause pancreatic function abnormalities. After the insulin is affected, blood sugar will fluctuate strongly, and severe cases will cause patients to die.

On the other hand, diabetic patients are more likely to develop dental diseases because of poor immune function and healing ability.Therefore, patients with diabetes should pay more attention to oral problems, especially pay attention to the repair and treatment of incomplete teeth. At the same time, insist on regular washing teeth, periodic inflammation should be treated in time.Of course, if the patient’s blood sugar value is poorly controlled, it is necessary to wait for the blood glucose control to be stable and then perform conventional periodontal treatment. This must be paid attention to.

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