Toothache during pregnancy is terrible, protecting the teeth according to these 4 points, the pregnant mother is comfortable, and the child is safe.

Her colleague Xiaoxiao accidentally conceived her second child. She was not very good in family conditions, and finally decided to leave the child.In order to have a better future, although the work is hard, he has always insisted on the front line.However, soon, she started toothache and slowly couldn’t sleep.

Finally, in July of pregnancy, it would be free to see it for a long time.As a result, toothache was unbearable.I had to go to the hospital as a last resort. The hospital did not know what medicine was prescribed.Xiaoxiao was unbearable after taking the medicine. She went to the hospital for a leave of abdomen. She couldn’t go to work on time. When I asked, it was premature.Hearing this news was really sorry for her.It was uncomfortable for 7 months. In the end, the bamboo basket hit the water.

Therefore, if you have symptoms of toothache during pregnancy, you must eliminate the buds and prevent flooding.Of course, it is best to solve the problem of the teeth before pregnancy and plan ahead.

About 50%of expectant mothers have toothache during pregnancy, usually 2-4 months after pregnancy.There are many reasons for toothache, mainly in the following three.

1. Gingitis

Gingivitis is caused by the secretion of toxins in the oral bacteria. The gums are smooth and bright, showing dark red swelling, easy to bleed, and it is a hard lump.If there is gingivitis before pregnancy, the resistance during pregnancy will worse, and the condition will be aggravated.

I got gingivitis during the birth of Dabao. I could n’t eat meals in pain. I went to the hospital for 50 days when Dabao was 50 days.So, I know the taste of gums.

2. Dental caries

After pregnancy, the saliva in the oral cavity will become acidic. In addition, if you like to eat acid during pregnancy, the stomach will reflect the acid water into the oral cavity, which will corrode the teeth and easily cause dental caries.Therefore, you must pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy.

3. Wisdom teeth

Seeing a report saying that a mother was not treated because of the wisdom teeth during pregnancy, the wisdom tooth was inflamed at 7 months of pregnancy, and the treatment was for more than 20 days. It was finally induced. It was exactly the same as the example of my colleague, which is a pity.Therefore, toothache during pregnancy cannot be underestimated.

4. Calcium deficiency

When the fetus grows during pregnancy, a large amount of calcium needs to be absorbed from the expectant mothers. If the quasi -mother supplement calcium is not timely, it is prone to calcium deficiency.One of the manifestations of calcium deficiency is tooth soreness and loose teeth.

I was a little mild tooth acid in the early days of Huai Erbao, my teeth were weak, and my teeth were not my own. In the later period, I pay attention to replenishing foods with high calcium content, which is not cured.

1. Keep oral hygiene and insist on brushing your teeth sooner or later.Choose a soft brush to avoid touching the gums.When you can’t brush your teeth, you should also rinse your mouth to remove the food residue in the mouth.

2. Eat less hard, acidic and irritating foods, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and other nutritious foods.Eat more soft foods when toothache to prevent the disease from aggravating the condition.You can bite ginger slices, toothpaste and other pain during toothache.

These soil methods only temporarily relieve pain. It is best to do this: discover toothache, go to see a doctor in time, and take safe drug treatment.

3. If toothache is needed, it is best to be within 3-7 months, because it is easy to have a miscarriage in the early stage and premature birth in the later period.

4. The most secure way is to check the teeth during pregnancy and eliminate old problems such as gums, periodontitis, wisdom teeth, dental caries or to dental diseases that are about to occur, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble during pregnancy.

In short, toothache during pregnancy is particularly uncomfortable, which not only affects the health of pregnant mothers, but also endangers the growth and development of the fetus.Therefore, early prevention and early treatment should be prevented than toothache, and hidden dangers are eliminated early.

"Toothache is not a disease, it is about to live when it hurts." It is really not to be played, and you must be a precepts during pregnancy!

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