Traveling on National Day, suggestions for pregnant mothers to take cars, high -speed rail, and plane

The eleven holiday this year is coming.As a special group in the "Travel Army", how should she protect themselves and baby babies?Let’s talk today.

1 Walking for travel during pregnancy

The baby in the early pregnancy is relatively unstable. It should avoid discomfort caused by the boat and car, otherwise there will be a certain risk of abortion.

When it is in the middle of pregnancy, the states and mental state of pregnant mothers will become better, and travel will be more convenient and secure.

The long -distance travel of pregnant mothers in the third trimester is prone to backache and lower limb edema. It is recommended to consult the doctor in advance. The doctor will make judgments based on factors such as your physical condition, the length of the journey, and the risk of premature birth.

2 Carrying a health care manual

If the pregnant mother appears seriously on the way or after returning home, she needs to seek medical treatment immediately.The health care manual can help the doctor understand the details of your pregnancy and make a better judgment.

3 Preparing sufficient water and snacks

In addition to being tired of long -distance travel, it is easy to feel hungry. Pregnant mothers can bring kettle and snacks, such as nuts, whole wheat bread, yogurt, etc.

4 Don’t keep a state for a long time

Pregnant mothers take a transportation for a long time, which is easy to limit blood circulation in the legs.During the journey, pregnant mothers can stretch their legs slightly, twist their ankles, or rub their legs and feet in their positions, but it is not recommended to get up the tripod. In the case of a small space, the thigh is too much to affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs.Hold the handle every 1-2 hours to stand up and move.If you choose a car to travel, you should get out of the car after you arrive at the service station.

5 Prepare a pair of legs and stockings

Pregnant mothers with varicose veins (or varicose vein tendencies) should pay attention to that if the eleven travel needs to sit for a long time or queue for a long time, we should wear a pair of loose and moderate legs and long -legged socks (preferably a stretch socks dedicated to pregnant women), Can reduce the degree of swelling of the legs and ankles, and avoid intravenous veins.

Of course, the key to traveling for pregnant mothers is to choose a way of transportation that suits them. Short or long -distance or long -distance must be comfortable and safe to go home. Below, Sister Ma will share with you.

1 Pregnant mother travels by car

Regardless of whether it is a bus or a car, many pregnant mothers will ask the question of "seat belt". On the one hand, we must take care of safety and worry about babies, how should the seat belt be tied?The abdominal seat belt should be placed below the stomach and above the thighs, across the pelvis of the pregnant mother; if there is still a shoulder strap, you should lean on the shoulder and pass through the middle of the breasts. Do not pass through the bottom of the arm.

In addition, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should use motion sickness drugs with caution, especially without consulting the motion sickness medicine purchased by the doctor.For pregnant mothers who are prone to motion sickness, you can prepare something with a fragrant smell in advance, such as orange peel and lemon. When you smell it when motion sickness, it will help relieve the discomfort of motion sickness.If you really feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to replace relatively stable and fast transportation to go home.

2 Pregnant mothers travel by high -speed rail/train

Pregnant mothers choose to travel by train. If you need to spend the night or the road for a long road, it is recommended to choose a sleeper to lay down. Remember to lie on the side when you sleep. Do not lie down for a long time.Of course, you can also travel by high -speed rail, which is a good choice to reduce the time of sitting in the car for a long time in the car.

At the same time, high -speed rail stations and railway stations have a large number of people. It is best to have family members to travel with pregnant mothers, and must wear masks.Pregnant mothers should go to the station early to wait for the car, not fighting with others, and avoid the crowds from colliding with their stomachs.If the pregnant mother feels uncomfortable on the train, she can ask the flight attendant for help. Do not resist it by themselves. Generally, common medicines will be available on the train. If necessary, the flight attendant will also help you with a medical professional to help you and contact the hospital.Parking for medical treatment.

3 Pregnant mothers travel by plane

If you are not in a special gestational week, your mental state is good, and your physical conditions permit, you can travel like an ordinary passenger.It is recommended to choose the location near the aisle or toilet, which is recommended to facilitate the activities of pregnant mothers and frequently on the toilet.

Then, the airlines will have corresponding requirements for pregnant mothers in a special pregnancy week.For more than 32 weeks of pregnancy, but less than 35 weeks, pregnant mothers need to apply for medical permission to take the opportunity and issue validity within 7 days before the opportunity.besides:

① Those who are more than 35 weeks of pregnancy (inclusive) or more;

② The due date is within 4 weeks (inclusive);

③ The due date is approaching but it cannot be determined that the accurate date is known to be multi -child childbirth or an estimated complications of childbirth;

④ For less than 7 days after delivery, airlines generally do not carry it.

If you have severe anemia, limited fetal growth, premature placenta peeling, pregnancy diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, multi -fetal pregnancy, etc., it is not recommended to catch up with the tide of National Day travel, and you should leave your heart.Also, pregnant mothers with a due date, you also have to obey your doctor’s order and do your best.

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