Tree bag babies teach you how to adjust after miscarriage

Whether it is a natural miscarriage or an artificial choice of abortion for various reasons, women must do this special "confinement", pay attention to diet and recuperation in order to restore the body as soon as possible.So what are the precautions after abortion?How to treat it?What is better to eat?The following will be answered in detail for you.

What should I pay attention to after abortion?

1. Keep the private parts clean and hygienic, and it is best not to have sex within one month after abortion. In the future, contraception should be more careful and careful.

2. After abortion, make a reasonable rest and make a certain supplement in the diet.After abortion, women with weak bodies should pay attention to multiple matters like confinement women, such as not being cold, not eating cold, and so on.

3. After miscarriage, you must carefully care for your vagina and protect the uterus. In addition, try to ensure the smooth flow of the mammary meridians.

How to adjust after abortion?

1. Pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition

It is necessary to ensure sufficient sleep after surgery, especially women should rest in bed within two to three days after surgery, and try to avoid excessive physical labor and avoid a large number of strenuous exercise within 15 days after surgery.

2. Keep your body and mind relax

Although miscarriage will harm a certain amount of harm to women’s bodies, as long as it is well -maintained and conditioned, the impact is minimal.Therefore, women should keep their mood relaxed after abortion and avoid nervousness and anxiety.Generally speaking, there are best abortion women to rest for about 21-30 days.

3. Careful care for the uterus and breasts after abortion

The development of the breasts that are developing breaking the process of continuing development due to sudden abortion, so in this case, it is easy to cause breast lobular hyperplasia of breasts, causing lumps or pain in the chest.

What should I eat after abortion?

1. A few days before the operation, drink more porridge, soup, etc., such as chicken soup, pork rib soup, etc.In addition, patients should add more water such as water, taboo spicy foods such as spicy.

2. Within 15 after artificial abortion, high -quality protein needs to be supplemented, so women can succulent products, eggs, fish, animal liver, milk and bean products.

3. After surgery, women’s bodies are more weak and easy to sweat.With the loss of sweat, vitamin losses are also more, such as vitamin C, B1, B2, etc.Therefore, at this time, women should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables for supplement.

4. Maintain a normal and reasonable diet, but to restrict fat appropriately.Women should be controlled at about 80g per day within 7 days after surgery.

5. Taber of heavy taste foods, such as too exciting wine, vinegar, too spicy peppers, cold crabs, snails, etc.

How long can I wash my hair after abortion?

1. Women need to rest for 15-30 days after abortion.

2. Use warm water to wash your hair, and try to dry it as soon as possible after washing.

3. Do not wash your hair on the day of the operation to avoid cold.

4. It is best to choose the afternoon when washing your hair.The scalp in the morning is the most sensitive. Washing your hair will accelerate blood circulation, physical discomfort, and dizziness symptoms.The air humidity at night is large, and it is difficult to dry thoroughly after washing, and it is easy to get cold.

Once aura or early abortion occurs during pregnancy. Pregnant women and family should be treated correctly. Do not be too nervous. Do not keep your fetus. The important thing is to let it go.6 months and above, you can consider getting pregnant again after your body and mind are fully recovered.

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