Two British women are afraid to face life imprisonment due to the abortion of legal drugs

Jimu Journalist Li Lili

Intern Yang Shaopeng

The strict abortion ban is set off in the United States. Britain has recently pushed this topic to the cusp of the wind.According to the "Daily Mail" reported on July 17, two British women may face life imprisonment due to private abortion, although they are taking legal prescription drugs.The basis for judging their illegal basis was the law of the Victorian era.

Abortion medicine (source: Daily Mail)

In January 2021, a 25 -year -old woman in the UK took macolymirol.Generally, doctors prescribe two drugs for the women’s abortion. Meso’s frontol is one of them.

She was accused of "illegally taking poison or other harmful substances for herself, intended to induce abortion."

According to reports, this behavior was believed to violate the "Crime Law" issued in 1861 and can be sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment.The "Crime Law" stipulates that whether it is using drugs or using tools for abortion, or purchasing drugs by itself, it is illegal.

In the Oxford Criminal Court, the woman refused to plead guilty.She will be tried in February 2023.

At the same time, another woman will appear in the court of Stafford County, and she is accused of committing abortion and intentionally hurting children.

During the epidemic blockade, the woman who did not want to disclose her name obtained contraceptives from the British Pregnancy Consultation Service (BPAS).The agency allows women who are pregnant for ten weeks to use abortion medicine at home after remote consultation.

After taking the drug, the woman gave birth to a 28 weeks of fetus and was reported by the police.

According to the "Abortion Law" promulgated in the UK in 1967, if an abortion is to be performed, one registered doctor must be performed or authorized by two doctors. At least one of the two is legal.

The "Baby Life (Protection) Law" that dates back to 1929 stipulates that if anyone deliberately damages the life of a child who can survive, it can be convicted.

Her case will be sent to Stock City Criminal Court.If the crime is established, she will face the maximum life imprisonment.

These two cases caused huge controversy in the UK.

Some senior doctors in the UK believe that these prosecutions may lead to those women who have suffered abortion or incomplete abortion, and they no longer seek medical help when necessary.

British doctors, lawyers, and charity workers have jointly wrote a letter to the British Attorney General and Royal Lawyer Marx Hill, urging him to stop the lawsuit immediately, and no longer charges women who have abortion or abortion in the future.

In the tweet, the British pregnancy consulting service agency (BPAS) said: "In 2022, the allegations of abortion women are absolutely not in the public interest. Any woman should face investigation or prosecution due to abortion or accidental or unknown abortion."

"These women were dragged in front of the British court to face the world’s strictest punishment in the world, that is, life imprisonment. We are shocked by these development. We will never stop protesting until the abortion is deleted from the Criminal Law and will bring it.Treating as medical care. No woman should be treated like this. "

Members of Congress also advocated revising the law in order to manage abortion as a healthy program.

Labor MP Diana Johnson said: "In today’s medical level and public opinion, it has made great progress. I think the British public does not want to see women and doctors be convicted under the law of Victorian."

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