Two common questions of fallopian tubes are answered one by one!Female friends should see

Many women should be familiar with tubal angiography. This is a test that can help check whether women’s fallopian tubes and uterine cavity are problems.Clinically, it is often used, especially for women who have long -term conception but not pregnant.

However, although this inspection technology has matured a lot, there are still some women who have performed fallopian tubal angiography to find that there will be bleeding in the vagina after being photographed, which will cause psychology.In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. Why do you say that?For details, please see below:

As mentioned above, bleeding is a relatively common phenomenon. This is because the angiography may cause stimulation to the endometrium, which causes vaginal bleeding, but this does not hurt women’s body.

Generally, the bleeding time will last about 3 to 7 days. If the amount of bleeding is not large, you don’t have to worry too much.Conversely, if there is a little abnormality, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

1. Do a good job of vaginal cleaning

After the examination, there will be a small amount of bleeding in the vagina. It is recommended to do its own vaginal cleaning work during this period. You can clean the vulva with warm water.Remember, avoid pots and sexual life to avoid infection.

2. Take medicine

Some women will have infection after conducting angiography. Therefore, in order to prevent this, take some antibiotics according to the physical condition to prevent infection. It is only necessary to know that antibiotics need to consult a doctor. Remember not to take it at will.

Third, do a good job of contraception

After conducting angiography, it should be contraceptive for three months because of the process of radiography.X -ray irradiation will bring radiation to the body. If you are pregnant immediately, these radiation will hurt the fetus.Therefore, it needs to be contraceptive for three months to allow radiation to discharge in vitro and then get pregnant to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

Fourth, ensure the light diet

During the recovery after the examination, we must ensure the light diet, avoid spicy foods stimulating the vagina, resulting in an increased amount of bleeding or inducing infection.You can also drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water can help eliminate your body radiation and promote blood circulation.

It is normal for women to have vaginal bleeding after a fallopian tube. Do not worry too much, as long as all precautions can be done after the examination.In addition, if there are abnormal situations after inspection, this needs to be re -fostered.For this, it is recommended to communicate with the doctor in a timely manner and negotiate the time to do it again.

In short, whether it is before and after inspection, women should learn more about some fallopian tubes, for their own health, and for their own future!

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