Two important data during pregnancy: HCG and progesterone values, what should I think?

Performatone has a great effect on women, and fertility is related to progesterone development.Peridone helps stimulate uterine changes during the fertility process, and promote embryonic development by increasing the reproductive system blood vessels and tissue blood flow.The following "small V" will explain in detail how to understand HCG and progesterone values.

Both values are important indicators to monitor the development of the embryo in the early pregnancy. There is no indispensable, and it needs to be combined.There are usually three situations in the two:

1) HCG doubles and low progesterone: indicates that the quality of the embryo is good, properly supplement progesterone to keep the fetus;

2) HCG has doubled and elegant progesterone, which usually indicates that the quality of the embryo is not good or there is an ectopic pregnancy.

3) HCG doubles and low progesterone, usually indicates that the embryo is not good, it is not recommended to keep tires, and most of them will be accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain and bleeding.

I don’t need to hold a single HCG value to ask what to do if the value is low or high, because HCG does not have an absolute value, mainly at the growth rate, usually an increase of about 66%every day (every two days), which is often said to "see, look at itDouble the next day, okay? "

Of course, HCG usually has some reference values: for example, if you double it for many days and always below 200, you may have biochemical pregnancy (sub -clinical abortion);Ectopic pregnancy.The value is much larger than the normal value, and the increase is too fast. It may be that the twins may also be a hydatidal.David’s early pregnancy test strip is always lighter and not deepened, biochemical opportunities (only hundreds); test strips show that Yang or Qiangyang usually has more than 3,000 or four thousand.

There is nothing to rise and lower, as long as it is within the scope of safety, you don’t need to worry.It is generally believed that greater than 25 is a safety value; less than 15 is supplemented; less than 15 is dangerous and has a large chance of miscarriage.There are two units: L and ML. The above units are calculated in ML. This is a new unit.If the old system is the old system, please convert it yourself.It should be noted that: doubling the above rules 8 weeks ago, and after 8 weeks or after 10,000, the growth rate will slow down.

Women lack progesterone, which is very harmful to the body, which can easily lead to abortion and cause.High concentration of progesterone has a sedative role in increasing women’s uterus and maintaining women’s early pregnancy.Welone can cause women’s uterine muscle fibers to relax and reduce excitement.

At the same time, the pregnancy uterus is also reduced, the sensitivity to the contraction is reduced, and the shrinkage of the uterus is conducive to the fertilized eggs in the uterus and developing and growing normally.Insufficient progesterone levels during pregnancy will eventually cause more attention to women’s abortion.

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