Two -month -old pregnancy is pretty expensive for the treatment of fallopian tubes for two months

There are tens of millions of things in the world, which is not as good as breeding a new life.After the opening of the three -child policy of our country last year, Ms. Huang, who likes her children, is actively preparing for three births.But a few months have passed, and I have never been able to get pregnant.After being recommended by the fellow, Ms. Huang and his wife came to Jinan Hongti Hospital to find Director Zheng Shaoqing for consultation.After examination and diagnosis, Ms. Huang’s biopoppyped tubes were unreasonable.Director Zheng Shaoqing was pregnant for two months, and Ms. Huang became pregnant.And gave birth to a cute male treasure in August this year.

In order to cope with the aging of the population, my country officially opened a three -child policy in 2021.Ms. Huang, the mother who likes her child, has the idea of having a third child and discussed with her husband for the first time.After considering the economic foundation, manpower and other aspects of the family, the husband agreed with his wife’s proposal.

A few months have passed, but Ms. Huang’s belly has never moved.In order to understand the doubts of happiness and found the root cause of the problem, under the recommendation of the fellow, Ms. Huang and his wife decided to go to Jinan Red Painting Hospital for infertility screening.

When I saw Director Zheng Shaoqing for the first time, Ms. Huang said: "Director, I am 32 years old. I plan to have a three -child plan, and I have n’t worked in the past few months., Think about checking first and see if there are any problems. "After listening to Ms. Huang’s narration patiently, Director Zheng Shaoqing replied:" 32 years old is not an elderly pregnant woman.The couple are best for a check. This can’t cost much, and now there are 16 free screening policies in the hospital. If both sides have problems, then the husband and wife are diagnosed and treated together. If there is a problem, it is better for treatment."

Ms. Huang and his wife actively cooperated with screening.Ms. Huang’s biocopian tubes were diagnosed according to the results of the test results, and everything was normal for her lover.Director Zheng Shaoqing dredged the fallopian tubes for Ms. Huang through minimally invasive surgery, and cooperated with red -painted special drugs for 1 month to guide the trial of pregnancy and Ms. Yue Huang.It took only 2 months from treatment to pregnancy.The result of rapid and efficient treatment made Ms. Huang’s couple happy.

Golden Autumn August, when it was harvested.In August this year, Ms. Huang successfully gave birth to her third baby. The birth of her son brought new joy and hope to a happy family.Thanksgiving is the traditional Chinese virtue. On the day of the production, Ms. Huang called the director Zheng Shaoqing of Jinan Red Painting Hospital, and expressed gratitude.

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(Correspondent: Zhou Bin)

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