Two months pregnant, her boyfriend took care of it carefully, but did not mention marriage, prospective mother -in -law: How to get married without a gift

I have been pregnant for two months, and I feel like I am in a happy bubble.My boyfriend was particularly careful about me, and the care is meticulous.I buy back my favorite fruits and nutrients on time every day, and I will make some meals I love to eat.His concern made me feel warm and made me believe that our future will be better.

However, with the day of pregnancy, I started to think about future things.As a woman who is about to become a mother, I hope to give children a complete family and a stable environment.So, at one night, I gathered the courage to mention the topic of marriage to my boyfriend.

I told him that I hope we can get married for the future of our children and build a happy family.However, my boyfriend’s response was unexpected.He did not readily agree as I expected, but fell into silence.

A few days later, my boyfriend continued to take care of me, but avoided the topic of marriage.I felt confused and disappointed, and I began to doubt his true thoughts.In order to understand the questions in happiness, I decided to talk to him.

In a sunny afternoon, I sat with my boyfriend and I was courageous and asked, "Why are you unwilling to mention marriage? Are you unwilling to spend your life with me?" The boyfriend was silent for a moment, and then sighed, and then sighed.I said, "It’s not that I don’t want to, but the situation in my family is a bit complicated."

He then told me the disputes and economic difficulties of his family.It turned out that his mother had always reserved his love and thought that our family conditions were not good enough.Moreover, his family has always been in a state of economic constraints and cannot bear the pressure of traditional gifts.He was worried that once he was married, he would cause more contradictions and disputes.

After listening to his explanation, I felt double anger and sadness.I understand the dilemma of his family, but I can’t accept our happiness for the sake of gifts.I said frankly with him: "Caicheng is not the guarantee of our marriage happiness. I just hope that we can support each other and face difficulties together."

At this moment, the prospective mother -in -law appeared in front of us.She looked at us solemnly and said firmly: "How can I get married without a gift? If you don’t have a gift, I will never agree."

I stunned, and my mood changed from disappointment to anger.I think this traditional concept is too late, and it is too unfair.I said, "Mother -in -law, I think Caoli does not mean our love and marriage. We should be based on true love and mutual understanding, rather than measuring the standard for money and material."

After listening to me, the prospective mother -in -law showed a hint of hesitation and thinking on her face.She looked at me and suddenly said with tears: "Maybe you are right, I have been bound by traditional ideas, and I ignore the true meaning of love. If you really love each other, I should not be a barrier to your happiness."

My boyfriend and I laughed at each other. We all understood that at this moment, we defeated the restraint of tradition and material, and chose true love and happiness.Although the contradictions of the family have not been completely resolved, we believe that through time and efforts, we can create a beautiful family that belongs to us.

This story tells us that love and marriage are not based on money and material, but on the basis of sincere love and mutual understanding.Regardless of the family background, regardless of economic conditions, as long as we have love and tolerance, we can create our own happiness.Let us abandon outdated concepts, bravely pursue true love, believe in the power of love, and create our beautiful future.

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