Two pregnancy, different reactions (the detailed version of the symptoms)

The two -child response is basically different. The two babies are the same as the princess.Summarized it carefully, for your reference ~ I still think that the symptoms are not accurate!

First tire princess:

1️⃣ Two days before menstruation, the shallow red line is measured.

2️⃣ When I smelled the fish, I was nauseous, but I only vomited and did not spit out.The response period was yellow, and people looked at it.

3️⃣The drowsiness, especially at noon and afternoon, sometimes sleepy.

4️⃣ The first three months do not like to eat greasy, I want to eat steamed pork pickles and porridge. After the reaction period, the appetite is very good. Before birth, the weight is 40 pounds.Once I had a lot of roast duck, I hadn’t ever eladed about it.

5️⃣ Not bulky, always insisted on walking for 20 minutes to work, and when he was about to take a walk, many elderly people felt that they were boys when they watched their belly.

6️⃣ It is not allowed to look at the value. Look at the fetal heart. In the later period, it has been 140-150. The fetal heart is said to be a girl. This is in my accurate.

7️⃣ The girl of Qing Palace is allowed.Hanging pencils are inaccurate.

8️⃣ Nine days after the due date, there was no natural launch, which was oxytic.

9️⃣ The fetal movement is early. For more than three months, there will be grunting like a small fish vomiting and bubbles. After four months, I start punching and kicking at five o’clock in the morning, and the fetal movement is powerful.

1️⃣0️⃣ Fetal dream: Dreaming, dreamed of blooming lotus.

Second child:

1. Menstruation before pregnancy. On the day of menstruation, the thoughts were ash the next day, and then there were light pink red bars.

2. I just knew that I like to eat sour for a few days.

3, Qing Palace Boy Boy.

4, I do n’t sleep well when I am pregnant, burning heart, irritability.Sometimes I wake up my chest tightly at night, can’t get angry, and have to drink water or walk to comfortable.

5, did not respond in the morning, eat a lot, and it is okay at noon. When I wake up in the afternoon, I start to nausea. Most of them are retching. I vomit two things twice.Basically, I start to be nauseous every night at five or six in the evening, and I don’t want to eat until more than four months.

6, the reaction period does not like to eat meat. The hot pot that I loved to eat before. I did n’t want to eat anything. I had no appetite to see anything. I used to spicy food. I did n’t seem to like spicy after pregnancy.

7. The fetal heart has always been more than 150, the four -dimensional was done in 25 weeks, and the fetal heart 152.

8. The fetal movement is about five months before I feel that it is not fierce, and it is relatively large before going to bed at night and early morning.

9. From 20 weeks to do B -ultrasound, it is said that the child is lying on his stomach, and the four -dimensional lying on your stomach, climbing the building for an hour and a half to barely pass the level.

10. Just when I was pregnant, some old people saw whether they were happy, with yellow face and embarrassment. They were better in the middle of pregnancy.

11. For more than four months, I feel that my belly has risen forward and has a waist.

12. The thighs are sore in the second trimester.

13. For more than two months, there were two stream brown secretions, which were wake up in the morning, and noon was gone.

14. Seeing red two days after the due date and born one day later.

15. The control of the entire pregnancy controlled was less than 30 pounds, the diet was normal, and there was nothing special.

In my two babies, the symptoms of the suit are only high in fetal heart.

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