Unexpected pregnancy, can you not have time to eat folic acid before pregnancy?After reading the pregnant mother, I have the bottom of my heart

Many women know that they must supplement folic acid in time before pregnancy, and they generally be supplemented in time in a few months before pregnancy.However, in reality, some women are pregnant inadvertently, and they are not fully prepared at all. In the face of this situation, they may be very worried: before pregnancy, there is no time to supplement folic acid, will the development of the fetus affect the development of the fetus?

Folic acid function:

This is a water -soluble B vitamin. Generally speaking, the differential organs of the fetal organs in the early pregnancy, cell growth, and division are quite vigorous.If pregnant women do not replenish folic acid at this time, they may cause fetal malformations.

Supplement time:

Generally speaking, folic acid should be supplemented in time three months before and after pregnancy, which can promote the maturity of the young cells in the bone marrow and prevent fetal nerve tube malformation.

The effect of non -time folic acid on the fetus before pregnancy:

1. No need to worry too much

If you do not replenish in time before pregnancy, you don’t have to worry too much, because folic acid can not only be supplemented by folic acid tablets.At noon, it is also distributed in large quantities in fruits and vegetables and animal liver, especially the most content in green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.Even if you do n’t pay attention to replenishing in time before pregnancy, you usually have a good replenishment when you pay attention to your diet.

2. Eat after 3 months of pregnancy can also have a preventive effect

I did n’t take it before pregnancy, but I took it for 3 months after pregnancy for 3 months, which can prevent fetal malformations well.You may wish to buy some folic acid tablets for pregnant women and take it according to your doctor’s advice.However, it should also be noted that you should not take a lot of time before pregnancy. If you eat too much, you will hinder the body’s absorption of zinc.

3. Balanced diet during pregnancy, so you don’t need to eat it extra

If you have a balanced diet in the middle and late pregnancy, you don’t have to replenish folic acid tablets at this time.The doctor may recommend replenishing composite vitamins in time, which also contains folic acid.

Summary: It can be seen that as long as the usual diet is balanced, even if it is not replenished in time, it may not affect it.But if you are worried, you can also see whether the fetus will have neurotransidal deformities in the B -ultrasound after pregnancy, so that you can rest assured!

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