Unhappy during pregnancy, it is easy to make children suffer from animal skin moles!

Pregnancy and fertility are a particularly happy thing, but sometimes it is sad to make the family.A baby boy was born not long ago, with a large area of dark spots on the back and long hair, like animal skin vest.After being diagnosed by the doctor, the "animal skin vest" on the baby boy was a mole.What causes the child to have a "animal skin vest"?

The reason why children suffer from animal skin moles

Beast skin moles, medicine are called congenital huge melanocyte moles, which are abnormal hyperplasia of skin tissue during development, and abnormal shapes and colors on the surface of the skin.The common people are also called "animal skin moles, black hair moles", etc., which are congenital skin lesions.In addition to affecting the normal growth and development of children, the disease may also cause lesions. The smaller the child, the greater the chance of cure.According to statistics, the cancerous cancer of the animal skin is about 10%.

Beast skin moles are a kind of birthmark. The cause of the onset is related to genetic factors, estrogen secretion, environmental pollution, great mental stress during pregnancy, and trauma stimulation.Keeping a relaxed and happy mood during pregnancy can greatly reduce the formation of birthmarks.

What are the hazards of children with animal skin moles?

First of all, the effect of animal skin is not only beautiful, but the difference in appearance makes the child inferiority and the fear of those who do not know.

Secondly, due to the wide coverage area of the animal skin and rough surfaces, the surface will affect the sweat function of the child’s body, and often occurs symptoms such as fever.

In the end, the animal skin mole may cause the cancer of malignant melanoma in the future, and the cancerous cell metastasis causes death.

Beast skin mole treatment method

Do resection surgery.Beast skin moles can be effectively treated in the integrated hospital, and surgery is required to remove the skin, but the surgical cost is high.There are many options for removing animal skin mole surgery, which can be directly removed. The skin -implanted leather area can choose to be in the thigh.The disadvantage is that there will be obvious pigmentation in the leather area in the long run, and scars will be left with thighs for the skin area.

Expansor method.The method of removing animal skin moles can also be selected. It is to bury the expander in the surrounding normal skin and intermittently inject water in the expander.It takes 2-3 months to expand normal skin, and then remove some moles, such a course of treatment is about 3 months.The disadvantage is that the longer cost is higher.

Laser Treatment.Nowadays, my country’s laser therapy technology is relatively complete. Removing animal skin moles can choose laser treatment.The disadvantage is that laser treatment is easy to leave scars.


Precautions for Beast Skin Moles

1. Beast skin mole is a congenital mole and a congenital disease. It is more difficult to treat. Parents should pay attention to it.

2. Do not rub, corrode, and stimulate animal skin moles to prevent the rapid differentiation of cancer cells and cause evil.

3. For the sudden increase in, the color deeper, and the rough surface of the beast skin mole should pay special attention to go to the hospital for treatment early.

4. Patients must choose a regular professional hospital. Do not take medicine or prescriptions without authorization to avoid improper treatment to aggravate the condition.

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