Unmarried first pregnancy?Chen Meng watched greasy and disgusting, and once told the coat of conceived, netizen: Xiaowei opened the trick

At about 7 am on September 17th, Chen Meng, the prospective daughter -in -law of the coat, got up early in the morning to make breakfast and took breakfast to share with you. This is also the first time she has exposed her daily life since she was exposed.

It can be seen from the video that today’s breakfast is a meat burning of Xiaomi red jujube porridge, and a cold cucumber, simple and refreshing breakfast, which makes people look very appetizing.The two bowls of millet porridge in front of Chen Meng showed that there were two people who had dinner. Before, the news of Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei lived together, and it seemed that it was breakfast for two people to eat together.

However, Chen Meng also said that when I saw the greasy rice these days, I was nauseous and nauseous. I boiled a little light millet porridge. It turned out that this breakfast was made by Chen Meng.Blessing, you can marry such a virtuous wife. After all, most young people now eat takeaway, and they are willing to cook every day.

But the point is that it is not a hot summer now, but a season with high autumn and coolness. The appetite should also be very good. You should not see that greasy meals will be disgusting for a few days.Essence

Because pregnant women are disgusting, it is a normal pregnancy response, and some can not eat greasy even for several months, and even when they smell this taste, they will feel disgusting. Chen Meng is very similar to pregnancy.

As early as July, when the coat Yuhua and Chen Meng were chatting, Chen Meng said in the video that he felt that he was pregnant, let the coats quickly decorate the house at home, and the two got married as soon as possible.If July was discovered in the first month, then it has been almost two or three months old, then the situation of nausea nausea is also a normal phenomenon.

Time can be one thing, but this also shows that Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei is anxious to get married this year. It is likely that because they are pregnant in advance, they are married. Isn’t that just an unmarried first?Otherwise, in addition to calculating a good day in advance, many people will get married within one or two years after the engagement, and rarely decide to get married within four months.

But if Chen Meng is pregnant, this also shows that Zhu Xiaowei is not as good as Chen Yaman, and has a problem with her body.Chen Yaman and Zhu Xiaowei experienced the wedding ceremony. They have been married for more than a year, but they have no children. They did not see the movement of the coat. It turned out that Chen Ya and Zhu Xiaowei did not live a husband and wife.

After seeing the news of Chen Meng’s pregnancy, netizens congratulated the joy, congratulations, congratulations to the coat, congratulations, congratulations to Chen Meng’s joy, and some netizens said that Zhu Xiaowei was so big and finally opened up.

In fact, it is not blame Zhu Xiaowei. After all, when he was married for the first time, he was still a child without experience. A person who really wanted to marry you would definitely put the bench table in the middle of the bed after marriage. It seems that Zhu Xiaowei is really this time.When I grow up, my coat brother should be very relieved.

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