Use 10 bags of instant noodles on the train!The client responded →

On the train,

A simple migrant worker brother wearing a simple migrant worker

Eat 10 bags of instant noodles with pots,

It attracted the carrier to watch.

On March 9th, this big brother who eats instant noodles told reporters that he had a good appetite since he was a child.

Big Brother Train

Eat it with 10 bags of instant noodles with pots in pots

On the evening of March 6, on the train from Yuyao, Zhejiang to Shangqiu, Henan, a simple migrant worker brother was stirring instant noodles with chopsticks.It was not unusual to eat instant noodles on the train, but the big brother’s tableware was a large stainless steel basin, so it attracted many peers to watch.Big brother talked enthusiastically with people while stirring the boolis noodles: "10 bags of instant noodles, this is my meal." He introduced himself to be from Puyang, Henan. If you work, you can eat more. 10 bags of 10 bags. 10 bags.The instant noodles are not enough.

Eat 10 bag noodles on the train (video screenshot)

The reporter learned that the migrant worker brother was named Ma Wendong and lived in Luzhai Village, Xin Xi Town, Puyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Henan.On March 9, some villagers told reporters that Ma Wendong was single and worked outside the country all year round. He rarely saw him in his hometown. "I knew he had a lot of rice."

A worker who had worked with Ma Wendong many years ago, I introduced that Malaysia could eat 10 gimmicks more than ten years ago.

The reporter noticed that in the past two years, Ma Wendong shared dozens of cooking videos on his social account. In the video, he introduced to netizens to eat more than a dozen buns or 6 bags of dumplings, or 2Pluck a few eggs outside the noodles.

Share cooking videos (Source: Social Account of Interviewees)

"I have appetite since I was a child. That stainless steel basin is my bowl, and I take it everywhere." On the afternoon of the 9th, the reporter contacted Ma Wendong himself. He said that he was 43 years old this year.I didn’t go home, "I have returned to my hometown, and now live in my brother’s house." Ma Wendong said that I ate 7 Bacon buns (9 per cage), and I also drank 5 bowls of porridge.

For a good appetite, whether the amount of meals is sick, Ma Wendong admits that he had asked for medical consultation, and it took four or five hundred yuan. The doctor told him that he was healthy and had no problem.

From: Extreme News

Source: Liaoshen Evening News

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