Wang Lixin’s ex -wife had a cold medicine during his pregnancy. He was misunderstood because he was unclear. Netizens: Who is pregnant?

On the evening of January 11th, the ex -wife Wu Yating of the artist Wang Lixin posted a video on the station B, telling that she accidentally took cold medicine during her pregnancy. I originally shared her psychological feelings with netizens, but because the title was not clearly expressed,And caused heated discussion among netizens.

In the video, Wu Yating was sitting on a high -altitude cable car, wearing a black coat, a blue sweater inside, and a gray baseball cap with a flawcker texture.Makeup feels both gentle and fashionable.

This time she appeared not only Wu Yating, but also her and Wang Lixin’s daughter "sister". When she told her experience during pregnancy, the "sister" with a twist braid sat on the other side of the cable car and appreciated by herself.With beautiful scenery, well -behaved and cute.

Wu Yating said frankly that there were fans who asked her what to do if she was pregnant and took a cold medicine. She did not dare to answer at that time. One was that her own personality was afraid of helping others make a decision. The other was that she had such experience, but nowShe wanted to tell the fan, "I also took cold medicine when I was pregnant with my sister."

She revealed that she had already conceived her sister when she came here for the first time, but she didn’t know at the time.

I didn’t count on the cable car when I was pregnant. She accidentally took a cold medicine. After knowing that she was pregnant, she was so scared that she did not fall asleep all night. She directly killed the hospital the next day.My baby, what should I do if I take a cold medicine? "

The doctor comforted her without being nervous. You had to do some inspections before you could know that the baby in the stomach was good or not, so Wu Yating was checked with his family’s company.

After doing the results of the test to the doctor, the doctor told her that the child was very good, the heartbeat was very strong, and it was possible. Wu Yating was completely relieved.

Today, she shared this experience with netizens. I just wanted to tell girls like her at the time. Do not panic when you encounter such a thing. You must give professional things to professional people.Act.

At the same time, Wu Yating also said that she knew as a mother that the baby in the belly could be checked now, including some congenital diseases. Of course, there is a very small chance.Hospital, do not diagnose it by yourself, and scare yourself.

At the end of the video, she said: "Children are all fate. Since they are here, treat them well." Speaking of which, she glanced at the daughter next to her, her eyes were full of happiness and happiness and she couldn’t stopsatisfy.

After the short film was released, many netizens interacted with her. Some netizens praised her as gentle as Yuan Xiangqin, and some netizens said that the 20 -year -old herself watched the whole video with interest. At this time, Wu Yating replied playful.

Some netizens who studied medicine left a comment: "As a medical student, our teacher has said such a paragraph -don’t say that you have taken cold medicine, even if you don’t eat it, you can’t ensure whether the baby is normal, can you stay, can you stay, can you stay, can you stay?You need to observe follow -up, you don’t need to be too nervous, but you can’t despise it. "

It can be seen that Wu Yating is still popular at Xiao Po Station. At the end of last year, he settled in station B. So far, 4 videos have been posted, and fans have been almost 400.

A few minutes after the update on station B, Wu Yating uploaded the video on Weibo and wrote: "No doubt, station B is me!"

Due to her title "OMG!"I accidentally took a cold medicine" did not express that the "pregnancy" here was before, so many netizens who only read the title thought that Wu Yating was pregnant and became pregnant after divorcing Wang Lixin.

"Pregnancy? What is the situation? Only the divorce is pregnant?" "I am pregnant? Who is pregnant?"

To tell the truth, this title does not express clearly. If you click on the video, it is easy to make people misunderstand.Speaking of Wu Yating, this time she appeared through the video, her whole person’s state was very good, with a smile on the whole process. When she talked about the past, she was also happy and sweet. It seemed that she had come out of the haze of divorce.

In the end, I hope she can find the right person as soon as possible to embrace the beauty of love again.

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