Want to know if you are pregnant successfully?Use these 6 judgments to let you take pregnancy in advance!

After the husband and wife are in the same room, if the sperm is successfully combined with the eggs, the fertilized eggs will slowly move in the uterine cavity about 30 hours after fertilization.While moving, there will also be filaments and split into mulberry embryos.On the 4th day after fertilization, it has been split into early blastocytes into the uterine cavity. On the 5th-6th, it will continue to be divided into advanced blastocyst

Under normal circumstances, the 6th to 7th day after the fertilization, the bubbles will go to the uterus in bed, and after the bed is completed, it means that the embryo can begin to develop.

Because many pregnant mothers have no signs in the early stages of pregnancy, most people want to confirm whether they are pregnant. Today we will learn how to observe themselves


1. Men stop menstruation

Memoral discontinuation is the most obvious signal of whether pregnancy is pregnant. Secondly, if the menstrual cycle is regular and the history of sexual life is in the age of childbearing age, once the menstrual period is delayed, consider whether to be pregnant.

2. Early pregnancy reaction

Most women will start pregnancy in about 6 weeks after pregnancy. Of course, some lucky pregnant mothers do not vomit much during pregnancy.

3. Breast change

In the effects of pregnancy estrogen, many women will appear, the nipples are enlarged, the areola is deep, and some will also have tingling, swelling and itching. These obvious changes in the body are telling you that they are pregnant.

4. frequent urination

Under normal circumstances, women’s body temperature will rise relatively after ovulation, but if the body temperature is higher than usual than usual, and there is no reduction, it should be pregnant.

5. Feeling tired

After pregnancy, the hormone level in the body changes, often the impact of multiple hormones and neurotransmitters causes "them" to make expectant mothers feel tired, weak, and lethargy.

6. Sensitive to odor

After pregnancy, the estrogen in the body will increase rapidly, so expectant mothers will suddenly become very sensitive to the smell. Usually, what you like to eat may smell uncomfortable.

If you want to know if you are pregnant, you can observe your symptoms to judge first, but if you are not a doctor, you can judge these after all.

The easiest test is the early pregnancy test strip. If you still don’t worry, you need to be in

About 10 days after fertilization, go to the hospital for a blood test, and determine whether pregnancy is determined by the human chorionic gonad hormone level value.

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