Want to pop up during pregnancy. Have you avoided these two stages?

After entering the pregnancy, in addition to the life of the pregnant mother, the life of the husband and wife will be changed to a certain extent.Among them, the most noticeable is the crackling during pregnancy.Some couples are worried that sexual life during pregnancy will hurt their children and cause abortion. Some couples are worried that sexual life will cause the infection of children in the uterus, so they dare not dare to pop up during pregnancy.

In fact, this situation generally does not happen.On the one hand, the cervical mucus and amniotic sac can protect the baby in the body; on the other hand, the male Tintin cannot reach the cervix through YD.Therefore, most of the time during pregnancy, sexual life is considered safe and healthy.And so far, there is no evidence to show that sex orgasm/sexual intercourse is related to abortion.

However, although the popping is operable during pregnancy, in the early and during pregnancy and the third trimester of pregnancy, try not to make the popping.Why can’t you slap in the early pregnancy?

In the first three months of pregnancy, because the placenta has not yet matured, and the connection with the uterine wall is not close enough. At the same time, because the progesterone secretion is insufficient at this time, the embryo cannot be strongly protected.Life is likely to cause the uterus to be shocked and abortion due to improper motion posture or excessive amplitude.

In addition, during this period, due to the changes in the endocrine of expectant mothers and worrying about the fetus, expectant mothers are likely to lack interest in sexual life, and even show hate and dissatisfaction with dads.Therefore, the prospective father must also give the mother’s understanding and consideration, and we must not just care about satisfying their desires, regardless of the feelings of expectant mothers.Why can’t you slap in the third trimester?

1. The third trimester, especially after 36 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus has become very large, and the external stimulus is very sensitive. The uterus will begin to shrink when orgasm.

2. If the prospective dad does not do the cleaning work before the popping or carrying the germs itself, it is likely to cause bacterial infections in the uterus, which is very unfavorable to the fetus and expectant mothers

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