Weeping!The 41 -year -old famous actress was excited to declare pregnancy, but the doctor bluntly said not to be too happy too early

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The 41 -year -old Taiwanese actress Zhao Xiaoqiao (formerly known as: Zhao Hongqiao). In his early years, he made his debut with Chen Qiaoen, Qu Yanjie, Lai Weiru and other seven people. Until the group officially announced the dissolution of the group in 2009, and the seven people developed alone.

Zhao Xiaoqiao has also participated in many well -known idol dramas, including "Prince Become a Frog". In addition, she has been hosted by a variety show and is versatile.Later, Zhao Xiaoqiao joined the development of the Mainland media company. She also participated in the online drama "Forget You, Remember Love" the previous year.

Although Zhao Xiaoqiao’s star journey has not been regarded as red and purple for many years.The annual announcement was announced.

Since the four years after marriage, Zhao Xiaoqiao has treated his steps Liu Zizhen like a parent -child, but never experienced the birth of a child in October.The two couples experienced one artificial conception and two test tube conceptions ended in failure, but they always refused to give up.Until (19), Zhao Xiaoqiao finally announced his good news: "I’m pregnant!" Congratulations!

Successful pregnancy announced the 41 -year -old mother -in -law

Zhao Xiaoqiao was happy to announce on the social network that he finally succeeded in pregnancy, and posted the latest photos. One was that her hand was attached to the "Mom Handbook" with a smile, while the other was her husband and stepman who accompanied her.Intersection

It is not easy to get pregnant. Thinking back to the road to preparing for pregnancy in the past year, Zhao Xiaoqiao was very emotional. She admitted that the people around her had persuaded her to give up.The comfortable response, but the more hardship, the more it made Zhao Xiaoqiao’s heart more firm. She knew that she wanted to be a mother’s wish.

Zhao Xiaoqiao wrote: "They all want me to give up, and they have always told me that there is already such a great son. In fact, there is no need to have another baby, but after 40 years of age, I become more and more important in my life.What happened, so even if I had two years in order to regulate my body without spraying perfumes, dyeing hair, adjusting my schedule, and even deliberately pushing off my favorite drama performances, I did not actively participate in film and television work, but I still have no regrets to the present.I can only say that it has really been very hard since this way, and I can fully understand the physical and mental state of the mothers who want the baby in the same situation as I want. "

You can also feel the happiness of Zhao Xiaoqiao across the screen. Zhao Xiaoqiao has undoubtedly become the "courage mommy" in everyone’s mind!

According to Taiwan media, Zhao Xiaoqiao has been pregnant for fifteen weeks. The due date is in August this year. After the announcement of the good news, Zhao Xiaoqiao’s social network has been brushed by fans in just a few hours.I was happy, and I left a message to send my blessings, hoping that BB would be born smoothly.

Some reporters found that there are many brand advertisers invitations in these fans, including wedding photos, product experience, cooperative invitations, etc., which are dazzling. Although BB is not born, it is very good to "feet" with prosperity and prosperity.Parents, happy!

Doctor: "Don’t be too happy! There are two more levels to pass"

Zhao Xiaoqiao also revealed that the day when the doctor announced that she was finally pregnant, her mood was very excited, and she was even happy to collapse on the spot, crying!The main doctor has always soothed Zhao Xiaoqiao’s emotions. After she calmed down, she finished speaking: "Don’t be happy too early, and there are two levels to pass. You have to wait until the embryo is determined for seven weeks before hearing the sound of heartbeat.Determine the successful conception. "

As for BB gender, Zhao Xiaoqiao’s husband Liu Liangzuo revealed that he will only be announced when he will be held next month. He also pointed out that because of the impact of the epidemic, he could not return to Nanjing to start work, so he pushed away a lotHe knows that he is not blessing. Now that he just has more time to take care of his pregnant wife, making him very grateful.

Congratulations to Zhao Xiaoqiao again!Looking forward to BB’s healthy birth, peaceful size, congratulations!

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