Welfare: Durian this year is particularly cheap, but consumption has taboos

The nutrients in durian are quite high, so when eating durian, you must avoid matching with some foods to avoid unnecessary risks.

Entering the durian harvest period, due to the impact of the epidemic, durian in many parts of Southeast Asia is full of roots, but due to trade restrictions, the price of durian continues to fall, so this year’s durian is particularly cheap.

This is a suitable time for people who like this fruit, because they don’t have to worry too much about durian being soaked in chemicals.

Durian has always been considered the "king" of fruits.It not only ends with the value of food, but also brings many health benefits. It is often used to nourish the body and treat diseases.

However, because durian contains a lot of calories, protein, sugar, … and other minerals, it will generate heat to the body.

Therefore, many people have acne, gain weight, difficulty in digestion after eating durian … make the body feel uncomfortable.

According to a nutritionist, the nutritional content in durian is quite high, so users should not eat too much.

For healthy people, you should only eat medium dose, such as every 1 to 2 weeks, each time you eat 1 to 2 durian.

A healthy way of eating is to put the durian in the refrigerator, then thaw, and wait until the durian is soft before eating.

In order to limit the heat of durian, you should combine more cool fruits, such as mangosteen, dragon fruit …

When eating durian, avoid these "taboos" food:

Eat less meat when eating

Durian is a fruit containing a large amount of sugar, potassium, fat, and sugar lift index, while beef, mutton, dog meat and seafood meat … are the rich sources of protein and fat.

Therefore, durian should not be eaten with the above food groups to prevent the body in the body from suddenly rising, resulting in the unable to load blood vessels.

Don’t eat with hot food

If you use durian as a dish to process, remember not to use the spicy spices such as durian and pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic, etc., because they will reduce the smell of durian and combine it with the spicy taste of durian, which can easily cause physical discomfortEssence

It is strictly forbidden to eat durian at the same time

According to actual cases, drinking when eating durian will have a very unfavorable effect on the body, and may even be killed.

For diabetic patients, if you eat at the same time, high blood pressure will cause headaches and palpitations, which will cause bleeding and stroke more seriously.

Don’t eat durian when drinking coffee

Durian is very intolerable to coffee, because durian contains a large amount of sulfate oil, combined with caffeine in coffee, inhibit the activity of aldehyde dehydrase, and cannot transform 70%of the oxidative substances in the cell.

Choose 3 precautions when you choose delicious and cooked durian

-Accantally according to the experience of the gardener, it is recommended to choose the durian with uniformly divided the fruit (the lines are long and almost the same). Do not choose crooked fruit, but choose fruits with "bread waist".

-If you hit durian, it will make a burst.And if you knock on the sound of the shell, the sound of the shell is very harsh, you should not choose this fruit.

-Chete hard green stems, the smell is long and sweet, and the color characteristics are characterized.The thorns must be uniform, not so sharp, and strong.Squeeze the 2 thorns together. If any fruit is too familiar, the thorn will harden.If the fruit is unfamiliar, the thorns will be soft.

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