What about asthma after pregnancy?You have to pay attention to several aspects

The definition of acute seizures of asthma refers to shortness of breath, breathing, cough, chest dullness, and suddenly the situation occurs, or the symptoms are sharply aggravated. It is often accompanied by breathing difficulties.It is different. If the occurrence of the condition may occur within a few minutes or in a few hours. If it occurs in a few minutes, it is easy to endanger life, especially if pregnant women have a history of asthma, and always pay attention to the disease and take preventive measures.Rescue in time.

These reasons such as respiratory tract infection can also lead to an acute attack on asthma. There will also be warning in the early days of the attack, such as frequent cough, especially at night cough is obvious.The feeling of often feels bad, moody, and symptoms of colds or allergies, such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, swelling of the throat, in severe cases, it is easy to cause sleep disorders.

So, what should I do with the acute seizures of asthma in pregnant women?

The treatment of acute seizures of asthma in pregnant women is to relieve symptoms, relieve pressure on airway, and prevent the acute attack of asthma.It is necessary to closely observe the condition and the reaction after the treatment of the medication, you can use the bronchial dilation agent, or the whole body can be used with glucocorticoids, as well as intermittent oxygen.

The bronchial extension can be used with sardine glycol and specialbelin. It has a good effect with spraying agents. It is also convenient to use it. It is also suitable for storage. The elderly and children can use it. The lung absorption can reach about 20%.In, it can be used for atomization, atomization can also be used with sardine glycol or specialbelin, or an ammonia alkaline intravenous infusion. The venous infusion can effectively and safely achieve an effective concentration.Go to 6 mg of slow vein injection to relieve the onset of asthma.

When atomizing inhalation, you need to have precautions: when inhaled inhalation, try to allow the patient to take a deep breath, stay for a while in aspiration, and then make it easy for water droplets to suck deeper.The retention time of the oropharynx should also wash the face to remove the residual drugs on the face.Pay attention to drink plenty of boiled water, pay attention to a light diet, do not eat spicy food, do not eat seafood, because seafood and spine foods are more irritating, causing asthma to increase.

Women suffer from asthma and have severe condition. They have to wait for the condition to control the condition. If they are not so serious, they will consider pregnancy. Women who are already pregnant should also pay attention to stay away from the factors that cause asthma and try to avoid the acute attacks of asthma during pregnancy.

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