what about you?Is the reaction of pregnancy vomiting?#pregnancy

Relieve pregnancy, 5 pro -test methods.

When more than 110,000 people had seen my child, I spit out my heart and spit out the drool day and night.All the experiences have gone through all over.Today, I will share with you as a small method of effectively alleviating pregnancy of pregnancy drama as a second -born mother.

First: It is necessary to avoid the empty stomach. Even if you vomit when you eat, there will still be a little more in your stomach. If you remember it carefully, it is actually even more uncomfortable when the empty stomach is.When I was in the first child, I had no experience, that is, I vomited stomach cramps, but I did n’t dare to be so stunned when I was in the second child.There is always food in our stomach, so it will not be too uncomfortable.

Second: If you are pregnant, your sense of smell is particularly sensitive, and you ca n’t smell the smell of oil smoke or irritating, then keep yourself away from these, and remind your family to close the door and allow yourself to be a little farther away from these.If no one cooks, it will occasionally ordered a takeaway, which will not have much impact.

Third: Put some orange peels or lemon slices in the bag, often take it out and smell, and can also cover those odors outside.Or cut fresh ginger slices on a thin layer, contains in the mouth or sticks to the wrist, can also play a relief.

Fourth: If it is the uncomfortable gastrointestinal heart, you can try to drink some frozen soda water, because the alkali in the water can combine our gastric acid and reduce our discomfort.If you have to vomit soon, then quickly drink a glass of sweet milk, so that we can vomit at least silky, so as not to be burned by stomach acid, hot and hot, swollen and can not eat rice.kind.

Fifth: Vitamin B6 a few dollars and a bottle, which is really useful to the various reactions in the early pregnancy.If you have tried all the above methods, there is still a way to eat or drink, the weight decreases directly, the urine volume decreases significantly, and reddish brown appears.

So remember not to carry it hard. You must go to the hospital in time, and don’t believe the kind of older generation.Everyone is fine to survive the past. Our body and the little baby have limits. When pregnancy is not easy to be a mother, I hope that every mother can spend pregnancy safely and smoothly. What about you?What is the week?

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