What are ectopic pregnancy? What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy?

According to relevant data, in the past two decades, the incidence of women’s palace pregnancy has risen year by year. Many people have not been able to slow down from the good news of pregnancy, and they are scared by the "ectopic pregnancy" test results.So, what exactly is ectopic pregnancy?What symptoms are the possibility of ectopic pregnancy?

1. Ectopic pregnancy is also called "abnormal pregnancy"

Under normal circumstingHowever, if some reason, fertilized eggs do not bed in the uterine cavity, but instead in the fallopian tubes, ovarian, ovarian wide ligaments, cervix, and even falling into the abdominal cavity, which is the so -called "ectopic pregnancy".

To put it simply, normal pregnancy is bed in the uterine cavity. For some special reason, the fertilized eggs are ectopic pregnancy except the uterine cavity.The most commonly occurred pregnancy is tubal pregnancy, accounting for more than 95%of the incidence of all ectopic pregnancy.

2. What are the symptoms of off -the -right pregnancy?

1. Men stop menstruation

During pregnancy, the levels of hormones in women will change, leading to menopause.Even though ectopic pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy, hormones in the body will still change, so menstruation will stop.Women usually find that their menstruation is not coming a month later and suspects that they are pregnant. They must do relevant special examinations to diagnose ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, patients with ectopic pregnancy will have a history of menopause of 6-8 weeks.

2. Abdominal pain

Many mothers of ectopic pregnancy will experience side abdominal pain. "Side abdominal tenderness" is mostly in tubal pregnancy. As the embryo is longer and larger than the fallopian tubes with a lot of tubes in the uterine cavity, they will be squeezed.It has obvious soreness and pain, until the fallopian tube rupture has more severe symptoms.Many times, the abdominal pain of ectopic pregnancy is not very obvious, it is just "faint pain", but it may also be an important signal of ectopic pregnancy!Do not ignore it because of pain or not, you must find a full set of examinations in time.

3. vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding is also very easy to be ignored. Many people do not know when they are pregnant. They treat vaginal bleeding as menstruation. Therefore, irregular vaginal bleeding caused by ectopic pregnancy is likely to bury the symptoms of pregnancy discontinuation.This requires everyone to be careful. If there is a normal sex life in the near future, once you find that the menstruation is slightly abnormal, it is best to check whether you are pregnant.

4. Normal bowel movements

As mentioned earlier, ectopic pregnancy may also occur outside the uterus and ovaries, such as the ovarian wide ligament pregnancy and abdominal pregnancy. In this case, the embryo as the "foreign body" in the abdominal cavity will stimulate the abdominal cavity and cause inflammation.More obvious.It will also cause blood to gather in the rectal uterus, and the blood agglomeration stimulates the rectum. Pregnant women will feel frequent intentions.

It is worth noting that IVF technology cannot avoid the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, or even reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy. On the contrary, for patients with factors such as fallopian tube adhesion, the probability of ectopic pregnancy after test tube will be slightly higher than the normal group;The chance of transplanting on the fifth or sixth day of the blastocyst palace is very low.

In short, ectopic pregnancy is quite terrible and dangerous. Ectopic pregnancy occurs. It is safer to get a point early, and it is more safer. When the abnormal pregnancy rupture is it rescued, the risk is too great.We must pay special attention to their physical condition!

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