What are the "meat articles" that can be eaten in the early stages of pregnancy?

I don’t think this is the dietary habits of most people, fried, fried, fried, cooked, roasted, etc., there are many cooked, cooked, cooked, and even cold raw beef. How can it be good?How to eat

So is this pregnant woman who is a special group?It is not necessarily, especially the unfamiliar meat may affect the gastrointestinal health of expectant mothers, and it may threaten the safety of maternal and infants. Special attention needs to be paid!Intersection

Although the meat is rich in nutrition, expectant mothers are still not suitable for eating too much.Experts say that nutrition must emphasize the control of nutritional intake during pregnancy, and the total amount of meat and poultry foods daily should be controlled within 200 grams.

Eating meat in limited quantities can also reduce the effect of hormones in poultry meat on the fetus.In addition to controlling the weight of the meat, there are some meat that is not suitable for expectant mothers.You must pay attention.8 kinds of meat pregnant women should not eat.

[Foods that cannot be eaten]


Let’s talk about all the marinates in a broad sense. Don’t touch the grilled meat, or just taste it. You must eat it with a bite. You must eat it.

Raw meat may contain parasitic bowworms, which can cause fetal malformations.Pregnant women, especially pregnant women who like to eat hot pot, are completely cooked in the process of eating meat.In addition, try not to eat mutton.Because the temperature in the hot pot generally cannot kill the toxoplasma.


First, crab

The attributes of crabs are relatively cold and have the effect of promoting blood and blood stasis. A large amount of eating can cause miscarriage."Don’t Record" has a record of the abortion of crab claws."Compendium of Materia Medica" also said that it was aborted and died.Therefore, women should not eat during pregnancy.


Second, turtle turtle

Turtle is rich in protein and has the functions of blood connection and blood circulation.However, the mother is a "sacred hand", because the fetus grows in the uterus. If it is damaged by turtle food or inhibits their growth, it can easily cause miscarriage or incomplete fetal growth.

animal organs

Third, animal liver

British research pointed out that pregnant women should eat as little as possible. It is best not to eat foods such as liver liver such as pork liver to reduce the risk of fetal suffering from congenital defects.


Fourth, rabbit meat

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that rabbit meat is cold, which can cool blood and blood circulation and can damage people’s yang.For example, Wang Mengying, a Qing dynasty, said in "Success and Extraction of the Restaurant."

Little sparrow

Fifth, sparrow meat

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that birds can be aphrodisiac and promote the sun."Dietary Instructions" cloud: Drinking the meat of stretching, making it more obscene.Eat more sparrow brain, move the tire qi, and make Zizi eyes.Therefore, pregnant mothers should not eat more sparrow meat and sparrow brain.

Pickle bullfrog

Sixth, frog meat

According to the experience of predecessors, pregnant mothers should not eat more frog meat.For example, Wang Mengying, a Qing dynasty, pointed out in the "Suitable Square Recipes": It is most taboo for pregnant women.


Seventh, hippocampus

It is suitable for pregnant mothers to eat before or when giving birth.It is not advisable to take it during normal pregnancy, because the hippocampus has the effect of promoting blood circulation abortion."Compendium of Materia Medica" cloud: Haima is difficult to use.In "Compendium of Materia Medica", it once said: Hailong Gong Bei Horse has spawned You Jie’s effect.It can be seen that when pregnant mothers are non -labor or difficult to give birth, do not take it.


Eighth, eel

It is commonly known as white baicalensis, flat, sweet, and can make up for weakness. At the same time, it is a high -protein, high -fat food.The doctor of the Song Dynasty believed that eel fish would move the wind.Wang Shixiong, the Qing Dynasty food medicine, also believed that eating more fever."Following the Suppering Spectrum" pointed out: Pregnant moms are avoided.I am afraid that it has fat and sputum, helps heat and wind, and damages the disadvantages of fetal qi.

Ninth, dog meat

Dog meat is a good product in winter. Eating dog meat can drive cold and blood circulation, nourish the kidneys and yang, and enhance your body.However, dog meat is hot and has blood circulation function. Pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy are best to eat less dog meat, otherwise it may increase the risk of abortion.In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women can eat a little dog meat in moderation, but make sure that dog meat is cooked at high temperature to prevent poisoning or infected with pathogenic bacteria.Those who are allergic to seduce eczema should not be eaten.

Do not drink tea before and after eating meat

Drinking tea before and after meat can easily lead to constipation of pregnant women.Tea contains tannic acid, and the meat contains protein. If the two are combined, the tannic acid protein that slows down the intestine.In order to promote the effective absorption of protein, pregnant women do not drink tea within 2 hours before and after the meat.

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