What are the "pregnancy, yield, lactation" female employees?

1. Seek help from female employee organizations of unions and unions.

The female employee organization of trade unions and trade unions is a mass organization representing the interests of female employees. Therefore, when the rights and interests of female employees are infringed, they can seek help from the female employee organization of the union of the enterprise or local.

2. Apply for mediation and arbitration to the Labor Mediation Committee and Labor Dispute Arbitration Commission of the units and localities.

Disputes of female employees due to labor relations; controversy in order to establish, perform, change, terminate, and terminate labor contracts; controversy due to removal, dismissal and resignation, and resignation;And controversy in labor protection; controversy due to labor remuneration, work injury medical expenses, economic compensation or compensation; other labor disputes stipulated in laws and regulations can be negotiated with the employer, or the union or third parties can be requested to work together with the union or third parties.The employer negotiates to reach a settlement agreement.

If a labor dispute occurs, if a female employee is unwilling to negotiate or fails to meet or reached a settlement agreement, the female employee can apply for mediation to the labor dispute arbitration committee in the unit and the local area;In, female employees can apply for arbitration from the labor dispute arbitration committee; if they are not convinced of arbitration, in addition to the laws of law, they may filed a lawsuit with the people’s court.

3. It can be required to handle the relevant authorities.

Female employees are violated due to their personal and property rights and interests. Public security organs may be stopped and handled; they can be violated due to labor and social security rights, and the labor and social security departments can be treated.

The Audit Division of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau: The unit does not pay social security to the workers in accordance with relevant regulations. Workers need to pay social security or pay a poor number of social security bases. Such disputes can only be replaced in this department.Removal of social security cases.

Provident Fund Management Center: This department only accepts the affairs of the labor supplementary provident fund. It should be noted that the local provident fund payment policy must be understood before the payment. In some areas, the employee of the household registration is not forced to pay the provident fund.

Labor Supervision Brigade: This department will handle some clear and simple units illegal and illegal acts, such as: not signing labor contracts, no proof of resignation, deducting wages, not providing labor protection, etc. As long as the workers can provide direct and clear evidence of evidenceTo prove the illegal facts of the unit, you can solve the problem faster.

Women’s Federation: If it is a female friend during pregnancy, birth, and lactation, you can also go to the Women’s Federation to complain. This is also an effective complaint.

4. A lawsuit can be filed with the people’s court.

Female employees can file civil liabilities for the parties in accordance with the infringement situation to the people’s court (such as property rights, marriage and family rights, etc.), administrative lawsuits, and even criminal lawsuits.

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