What are the causes of small abdominal pain in the early pregnancy?

The first pregnancy woman feels fresh about pregnancy, but is a little scared.Because this is the feeling that I have never experienced.Therefore, many pregnant women who are pregnant for the first time will be worried about the problems that occur during pregnancy. Many of them do not know what these problems indicate what they indicate. What is the stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Why do I have a stomachache in the early stages of pregnancy?

Do I have stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy?Stomach pain is a normal physiological reaction that occurs in the early pregnancy.Because the uterus increases and stimulates bones, pregnant women will feel a faint pain in the abdomen.However, it is worth noting that if the stomach continues to have symptoms of bleeding, it should be immediately admitted to the hospital for examination. This pathological stomach pain may indicate the occurrence of abortion signs or ectopic pregnancy.Therefore, when the stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy, we must learn to distinguish whether it is physiological abdominal pain or pathological abdominal pain.

Specific cause of stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy: When you are pregnant, you will feel that your stomach is bigger every day, and then the skin will feel tight.If you love sports, you will feel faintly pulling the abdomen after hiking or playing table tennis, which is almost the same as the usual stomach pain.Some expectant mothers’ factor uterus continues to stimulate the lower edge of the ribs, which can cause dull pain or pain or separation of the pubic bone, and even lead to limited activities.However, these situations are normal physiological reactions after pregnancy. They do not need special treatment. They can alleviate pain by sleeping through the left lying position.Don’t worry about expectant mothers, resting more in bed can be relieved.

2. What are the problems in the early pregnancy and need to pay attention to

1. Sexual life should be controlled

The sexual life of husband and wife is the normal life of couples after marriage.But when the wife is pregnant, how to live a sex life should pay great attention.In order to ensure the health of the fetus, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 3 months in pregnancy.

2. These situations need to be seek medical treatment

For pregnant women, in the early stages of pregnancy, the most dangerous thing is ectopic pregnancy and abortion. When these two cases occur, pregnant women will have abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Therefore, if pregnant women find abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, they need to seek medical treatment in time.

3. Supplement folic acid to prevent fetal malformations

The first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of fetal nerve tube development. Therefore, expectant mothers should try to avoid various adverse factors, such as tobacco and alcohol environment, harmful chemicals, newly renovated houses, environment where air does not circulate, etc.Improve your own immunity, avoid virus infections, and do not take drugs privately.

In order to prevent fetal malformations, pregnant women need to supplement folic acid from early pregnancy (preferably starting from planning to be pregnant).Folic acid -rich foods include red amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, beans, yeast, animal liver and apple, citrus, etc.

4. Initial inspection

After diagnosis, expectant mothers need to go to the street hospital at 12 weeks of pregnancy to conduct prenatal examination, and establish a pregnant woman to contact the health care manual.In the future prenatal examination, you can choose to conduct in the second -level hospital or the hospital where the delivery is located.

5. Pre -delivery diagnosis

Preparatory diagnosis can exclude some major abnormalities, and can be done at the earliest 8 weeks of pregnancy.At present, the most commonly used chromosome tests are fluff examination and peripheral blood screening.If necessary, you can do amniocestinal puncture at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy to further confirm the diagnosis.

3. What are the main points of attention in the early pregnancy?

There is a fetal wall barrier between the fetal heart and the mother. The drug enters the fetus through the fetal wall barrier, which causes a drug reaction. Because some drugs can pass the fetal wall barrier and have teratogenic effects on the fetus. Therefore, the medication should be cautious. Most drugs should be used.The role of pregnancy is the same as non -pregnancy, but some drugs will be more sensitive due to different blood capacity and liver metabolism during pregnancy.

In the early pregnancy (embryo period), especially 5 weeks to 10 weeks, drugs have the greatest impact on the embryo. The same medicine is relatively smaller than the impact of medication in the early pregnancy.EssencePrinciples of medication: Try to use as little medicine as possible. If you need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.For some common diseases during pregnancy, pregnant women can take reasonable medication under the guidance of a doctor:

1. Cold

Colds are more common diseases during pregnancy. After a cold, pregnant women should be determined according to symptoms. Pay attention to rest, balance nutrition, drink more water, do not go to public places, exercise appropriately, and increase immunity.

2, diarrhea

During pregnancy, diarrhea can cause dehydration and electrolyte disorders of pregnant women, affect the absorption of nutrients, affect the growth and development of the fetus, and have a miscarriage or premature birth in severe cases.If pregnant women are diarrhea, they must first understand the cause of diarrhea. If they are infectious diarrhea, and apply antibiotics, in any case, if the diarrhea is severe, see the doctor. Under the guidance of the doctor, you should replenish and correct the electrolyte disorder.

3. Anemia

Some pregnant women will have anemia and abnormal blood sugar during pregnancy. What causes should be understood by anemia. If iron deficiency anemia, if you are light, you give an iron oral administration.Sex anemia, check the cause and deal with symptomatic treatment.If there is abnormal blood sugar, you should do a test of sugar tolerance experiments to understand whether it is gestational diabetes or diabetes with pregnancy. Instead of diet, exercise, and blood glucose control should be given insulin.

4. What problems should be paid attention to in the early pregnancy checkup

After the pregnancy is confirmed, the "Maternal Care Manual" was established within 12 weeks of menopause and went to the relevant obstetrics and gynecology institutions to conduct the first prenatal examination.16-28 weeks of pregnancy are checked every four weeks, 28-36 weeks of pregnancy, and every two weeks; check every week after 36 weeks of pregnancy, and check a total of 13 times.Elderly pregnant women should increase the number of examinations.

The time for the early pregnancy examination is 12 weeks of pregnancy. The pregnant woman should pay attention to the following matters during the checkup:

1. The first prenatal examination is when the expectant mothers share more information with the doctor, bring your ID card, and the doctor will build a card for you. This is your pregnancy check -up file.Since then, the doctor will record all the relevant production inspection content above.The first birth check also takes a quasi -dad to check together. The doctor also needs to understand the health of you and his direct relatives and family members.

2. Liver function examination: Because the liver function is needed to check the liver function, it is necessary to take an empty stomach before the first birth check.

3. Palace high: Measure the urine before measuring the palace high, so as not to affect the accuracy of measurement.

4. Blood pressure: Sitting half an hour to measure blood pressure can objectively reflect the real situation of blood pressure.

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