What are the changes after pregnancy?Three negative emotions are very common. Pregnant mothers need to learn to adjust

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Since pregnancy, pregnant mothers have gone through sourness and bitterness, because various factors can produce physical and psychological adverse reactions.

Physical discomfort can have professional doctors to help treat them, and psychological emotional problems can only be digested by pregnant mothers themselves. After all, the emotional quality of the pregnant mother directly affects the baby’s personality and health.

Wen Jie successfully gave birth and gave birth to a big fat boy. The whole family was very happy and he was happy.When I was born, I found that the child was crying abnormally and frequently, ranging the entire delivery room, and even sleeping was easy to wake up.

Everyone said that the child was crying, and the phase must be a powerful guy in the future. Everyone laughed and thought that it was normal for the child who was born to cry, so it was not too serious.

After a while, Wen Jie discovered that the child’s crying and the frequency of crying continued to increase compared with the previous increase, emotional fluctuations were great, and they were afraid of having people.

Wen Jie couldn’t rest assured that he couldn’t rest assured, and immediately took his child to the hospital for examination.The test results show that the child is normal and there is no problem.

Then the doctor asked Wen Jie if the mood during pregnancy was not controlled. Wen Jie remembered that when he was pregnant, he did have a lot of emotional fluctuations, and the negative emotions accounted for more.

It turned out that Wen Jie had been pregnant the year before. Because of his negligence, he did not notice the change of the body at all, and did some radical exercise.

As a result, he immediately rushed to the hospital after seeing the red. Only then did he know that he had been pregnant for more than two months, but he had to have a miscarriage late, so the first child was gone without knowing it.

After abortion, Wen Jie felt that he had no children because he had no children, and he had been in blame.After this successful pregnancy, she cherishes this opportunity very much. She is cautious during pregnancy, but she is afraid of repeating the same mistakes. Therefore, she has always been anxious and unstable.

The doctor said that the emotions of the pregnant mother during pregnancy do have a direct impact on the child. The child does not have any health problems, but the child’s crying and fear of birth can only slow down over time. Parents have the patience to the child.Accompany him more.

1) worry

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers have the same question: Can I have a healthy baby?

After all, there is a high probability of giving birth to a child, and the situation of miscarriage and premature birth occurs. Moms not only worry about whether the fetal development is healthy, but also consider whether the food is harmful during pregnancy., Maintain the relationship between husband and wife …

In the face of many complex situations during pregnancy, as a woman who is pregnant, it is really difficult to take care of them, so they will be in a terrifying emotion all day.

2) Tension and irritability

Pregnancy is a major event for women, especially women who have no experience in pregnancy without experience. This tension is a natural response and affected by the secretion of hormones during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers will have many difficult reactions to fight. Pregnant mothers willWe started to be nervous when they encountered a little discomfort.

3) Depression

The situation of depression may occur before the pregnant mother’s prenatal and postpartum, because many women have not been prepared to be a mother.

A variety of negative emotions followed, but they were unable to adjust and dredge. The negative emotions would only accumulate more and more heavier. If the situation is serious, it will evolve into depression.

1) Social release method

The emotional fluctuations of pregnant mothers in pregnancy are very normal. The larger the negative emotions, the more they have to get out of their own "small world" and communicate and talk to other people, especially the experienced Baoma, participate in some mothers group or mother clubIt can also release bad emotions while being shared by others.

2) Beauty pleasure method

The "beauty" here does not refer to makeup. During pregnancy, it is not possible to use cosmetics, but pregnant mothers can change their hairstyles and wear clothes to make themselves happy.

3) Interest transfer method

Pregnant mothers should learn to "drive away" negative emotions. They can divert their attention through other interest activities, mobilize positive emotions, and maintain a pleasant mood.

It is normal for emotional instability during pregnancy, but do not take yourself in an excessive negative emotion for a long time, then it is not beneficial to the development of the fetus.You should learn to get out of your own "closed circle" and regulate negative emotions.

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