What are the changes in the breast during pregnancy, how to care for the breast, the precautions for the breast

After you are pregnant, what changes in your body make you realize that you might be pregnant?When I was about 4 weeks of pregnancy, my breasts would be tingling and could not be touched. In severe cases, the underwear would hurt.With the movement of the gestational week, other changes have occurred in the breasts, such as the darkens of the areola, bigger breasts, secretion of milk, and so on.These are due to changes in hormone levels in pregnant women.But breast changes during pregnancy and lactation will also bring various troubles to mothers. Today, warm deer will share with you the changes in breasts during pregnancy and how to care for breasts.

What are the changes in the breast during pregnancy

1. Breast tingling.Generally speaking, starting around 5 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women will feel that the breast becomes sensitive and abnormal, and has a feeling of swelling and itching. It is what I mentioned earlier.It will be reduced after three months of pregnancy.

Breast tingling during pregnancy

2. The breasts become larger.Due to the effect of hormones, most pregnant women will find that the breasts seem to be "secondary development", which will generally increase one or two cups.

The breasts will become larger during pregnancy

3. The color becomes darker.Many pregnant women will find that the color of the nipples and areolas becomes darker and even looks dark. This is caused by hormone changes and pigmentation during pregnancy.After childbirth, the color of the nipples and areola generally restores slowly.

The nipples and areolas during pregnancy will become darker

4. Montessori nodules.During pregnancy, the surroundings of areolas are due to the formation of sebaceous gland hypertrophy. These protrusions are called Montessoric nodules, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

After pregnancy, the Montessius nodules will form around the areola

5. Green tendons.Some pregnant women find that there are some blue "blue tendons" on the breast, because after pregnancy, the blood supply to the breast increased, and the vein of the chest became more obvious.This phenomenon will slowly disappear after delivery.

6, stretch marks.Some pregnant women have thinned the skin of the skin during pregnancy, the elastic fiber breaks, and the stretch marks of the chest president, manifested as red or purple -red lines.Stretch marks will become white stripes after giving birth, and some will be faded until they are almost invisible.Pay attention to proper exercise and balanced diet during pregnancy, which will help prevent stretch marks.

7, secretion of collateral lactation.Some pregnant women secrete a small amount of colostrum in the middle and late pregnancy, which looks like a light yellow thin liquid.Pregnant women just dry the milk at this time, do not squeeze the breast.If the amount of milk is large, you can put two slices of anti -overflow pads in the underwear to keep your chest dry.

8. Parallel is bright.After pregnancy, changes in hormone levels will make the paragraph of pregnant women proliferate or increase.Some pregnant women will find that there are hard blocks on the armpits on one or both sides. Pressing it may not feel, it may hurt a little. At this time, you need to find a doctor to check to confirm whether it is a pair of milms.If it is a pair of milk, there is generally no major hindrance. Pregnant women don’t have to worry too much, just pay attention to observation.

After pregnancy, you may generate auxiliary milk

Reminder: During breastfeeding, the most common problem with breast problems is nipple pain and nipple rupture. This is likely to be caused by incorrect breast feeding postures, so mothers must not only pay attention to the correct breast feeding posture, but also protect protectionGood breasts; some mothers believe that breastfeeding can cause breast deformation or sagging. In fact, breastfeeding will not directly cause the chest sagging, and the gravitational gravity and ligament change will be the culprit of the chest sagging.

In addition to the larger breasts during pregnancy, there may be nipple erection, pain, or painful pain, so we must do breast care, because only healthy breasts can secrete enough milk. Specifically, we need to bePay attention to the following three aspects:

Nipple care during pregnancy has an important role in postpartum lactation and breastfeeding.It can make the nipple skin tough, and it is not prone to damage during postpartum breastfeeding. Mastitis.If the pregnant mother’s nipples are sunken and do not pay attention to correction during pregnancy, it is too late to cause breastfeeding and affect breastfeeding. Therefore, pregnant mummy should start nipple care from the second trimester.In this way, breastfeeding can be successfully breastfeed after the baby is born.

1. Wear the right underwear

After pregnancy, the breast will become bigger and sinking. The right bra can not only prevent side milk, but also provide reliable support for the breasts, promote blood circulation of chest and smooth breast ducts. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to choose a suitable bra.Essence

Pay attention to wearing appropriate underwear during pregnancy during pregnancy

① Select the right size, shoulder bandwidth, and provide sufficient support for the breast to avoid sagging; the lower circumference and wing width can provide more parcels and support for the breasts, avoid dental depression of the lower siege and back; the whole cup is the whole cup; the whole cup is, Can fully wrap the breasts.

② Choose a steel -free underwear to ensure that the underwear can fit the breasts tightly and avoid compressing the breasts;

Pay attention to wearing appropriate underwear during pregnancy during pregnancy

③ Replace underwear in time, because as the gestational week increases, the breasts may grow longer and larger;

④ Choose a skin -friendly texture. The temperature of the pregnant woman is higher than usual, afraid of heat, and easy to sweat. Choose a cotton underwear with light texture, easy to absorb sweat, and breathable and comfortable.In addition, in order to make the breasts have a larger activity space, choosing more elastic fabrics will be more comfortable.Do not choose chemical fiber bras that are not breathable or do not absorb water;

Ps. Ordinary underwear on the market is not suitable for wearing during pregnancy. No steel ring underwear and breastfeeding underwear are more comfortable and better.Pregnant women in the second trimester can buy breastfeeding underwear directly. Not only can they wear postpartum, they are also very comfortable to wear during pregnancy.

2. Pay attention to breast cleaning

Pregnant women usually rinse the breast with water, do not wipe with shower gel and soap.In addition, don’t be cleaned too frequently, because the sebaceous glands in the areola gland will secrete a large amount of fatty substances covered with the surface of the nipple and areola, which plays a role in lubrication and protection.The breast loses the protection barrier.

Pregnant women should pay attention to breast cleaning

During pregnancy, the sebaceous glands secrete strong, and it is easy to form crusts on the nipples. It is forcibly removed the stagnation and the epidermis. It is applied with warm water towels.After cleaning, apply layer of oil to the breast massage on the nipples and areolas to make the breast skin tough, and at the same time prevent the opening of the breast duct opening and cracked nipples.

Pregnant women secreted by off -milk can apply milk to the nipples and areolas to let it dry naturally, which helps protect the breast.

3. Other precautions

Precautions for breast care during pregnancy

① Try to avoid stimulating breasts when the husband and wife are in the same room.

② Don’t pull the nipples.Some pregnant women find that their nipples are sunken or flat, and they are worried about affecting postpartum feeding, so they try to pull out the nipples, which will over -stimulate the breast.Pregnant women can pull the nipples after giving birth and use auxiliary nipples in order to better breastfeeding;

③ Some pregnant women have diseases such as breast hyperplasia and breast fibroma before pregnancy. Pay attention to observation during pregnancy. If there are abnormal conditions, it should be reviewed in time;

④ If pregnant women find liquids with redness and swelling of the breasts, abnormal colors or unpleasant odors, they should find a doctor for examination as soon as possible to eliminate breast diseases;

⑤ No evidence shows that breast massage during pregnancy can increase postpartum milk amount. On the contrary, improper breast massage may destroy the gland of the breast and can cause contractions.Avoid stimulation of nipples, stimulating nipples can easily cause contractions and cause abortion again.If you want to make breast massage, it is best to consult a doctor.

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