What are the changes in the pregnant mother in the 19th week of pregnancy

Point tips: First of all, congratulations to the high incidence of miscarriage, and now the danger of the baby’s developmental deformity has been greatly reduced.You can relieve it.Now the baby’s sensory organs have developed rapidly according to the region, and nerve cells such as taste, tactile, and vision are being differentiated.What you have to do is supplement vitamins to ensure the nutrition of the fetus, insist on counting fetal movements, feel the change of the baby’s baby every day, take care of him carefully!

1 fetal development

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus was not about 22cm from head to toe, weighing about 250g, the average value of the double top diameter was 4.52 ± 0.53cm, the average of the abdominal circumference was 13.59 ± 2.30cm, and the femoral length was 3.03 ± 0.5cm.

Beginning this week, the fetus’s legs have grown proportional to other organs. The fetus began to have obvious kicks and manual, and the mother could feel the movement of the fetus’s fingers and toes.

The biggest change in the fetus in this week is that the organ of organs have begun to develop rapidly according to the region.In the brain, nerve cells such as tactile, taste, smell, vision, and hearing are differentiated.

2 Mom changes

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, your weight has now increased by about 3kg.This week, your uterus has gradually increased, and the bottom of the uterus has expanded to a 2 cm position below the navel. You can easily touch your uterus under the navel.

Some pregnant mothers may have some skin changes.Dark plaques may appear on the upper lip, above and around the forehead.However, there are quite a few part of the pregnant mother’s skin.

3 Moms must read

1. Supplement vitamin: Now you are in the middle of pregnancy, and your body needs to increase folic acid and various vitamins. At this time, you should pay attention to supplement vitamins.It is recommended that you choose to eat rice, noodles and mixed grains to ensure sufficient nutrition; expose the sun to ensure absorption of vitamin D, and usually eat more animal liver, seafish and other foods rich in vitamin D foods.Essence

2. Care nipples: From now on, you have to strengthen your breast care, so as to ensure the smooth breastfeeding after childbirth.Pay attention to cleaning the nipples every day, gently rub the nipples with soapy water and soft towel for 1-2 minutes, and apply anti-cracking oil on the nipples, so as to withstand the baby’s sucking.If you find that the nipples are sunken, a nipple appliance is needed. It is used before 6 months of pregnancy. After 3 weeks, you can feel that the nipples are obviously corrected and pulled out. This is fully prepared for breastfeeding!

3. Persist in several fetal movements: At this time, you should learn to measure your baby’s baby. It is a basic step to stick to several tire movements.It is best to be at 8-9 o’clock every night, and fetal movements are usually 3-5 times per hour. If you are too fast or too slow, you must be careful and report it to your doctor in time.In fact, several fetal movements every day are also a kind of direct prenatal education. When you all pay attention to the baby, he will respond to you, so that the emotional communication of the mother and child is enhanced.

4. Butterfly spots appear: During this period, you may find that dark plaques will appear on your upper lip, above and around the forehead. This is the butterfly spots.This is caused by the high level of hormone in the body after pregnancy. After the baby is born, it will be restored, so don’t worry too much.However, note that you should avoid sunlight exposure to avoid changes in pigment, do sunscreen work, and protect the skin, which can reduce the degree of butterfly spots.

4 Nutrition Tips

Pregnant mothers are susceptible to constipation and heartburne this week. They should eat more fiber -rich foods, such as celery, cabbage, coarse grains, etc. The heart is mostly due to too much sugar.kind.As long as you do not picky eaters and diverse diet, your baby’s nutrition is generally satisfied.But the more nutritious intake, the better the development of the fetus.

1. Lipids are the main components of the brain and nervous system.Pregnant mothers should take some fat appropriately, and eat some dried fruits such as fish, walnuts, cashews, etc., which is conducive to the development of the brain.

2. Vitamin A is an ingredient that constitutes an intracellular sensitivity in the visual cells, and it is also necessary for normal skeletal development. Pregnant mothers can arrange key lunch and dinner to supplement vitamin A; breakfast and meals are arranged into calcium supplement.Dry fruit and dairy products.


At 19 weeks of pregnancy, you don’t need to conduct a checkup, and the next delivery time is 20 weeks of pregnancy.Some of the projects in the checkup are the conventional examination items for each checkup. Doctors will record the results of each inspection on the inspection card.This week we first understand the abdominal surrounding measurement of one of the conventional projects.

Abdominal circumference:

(1) Observe the situation of the uterine cavity and the size of the uterus

The growth of abdominal circumference and the height of the palace can be used as one of the indicators to predict the development of the fetus.The size of the abdominal circumference of the expectant mother is very closely related to the baby. The measurement of the abdomen is mainly to measure the condition of the uterine cavity by measuring the length of the abdomen’s maximum plane and whether the uterine size meets the number of pregnancy weeks.

(2) Draw the pregnancy diagram

The birth checkups from the 16th week of expectant mothers need to measure the abdominal circumference and the palace height, and draw the pregnancy diagram of the pregnancy diagram based on the high -change data of the palace to understand whether the development of the fetus in the fetus is slow or huge.

6 prenatal education method

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother who felt fetal movement for the first time was always happy.The biggest change of the fetus this week is that it feels that the organs have begun to develop rapidly according to the region.The fetus may be able to hear what happened around now, and the way he responds is to become more active.Adhering to emotional prenatal education during pregnancy, the brain development of the baby’s baby and the emotional regulation of pregnant women are very beneficial.

If the expectant mothers are too disturbed or anxious for a long time, they can easily lead to abnormal fetal development and neonatal cleftness or lip cracks.When you are angry, anxious, nervous, or melancholy and sad, you will change the concentration of endocrine hormones in the blood, the fetus will immediately feel it, and the expression of uneasy performance and increased fetal movement.And at this time, the baby’s baby is also memorable. He has a conscious excitement and perception of the outside world, and will be retained in memory for a long time until it is born.

Emotional prenatal education during pregnancy is conducive to fetal development, and it will also allow the development of fetal memory. It can also make the baby look peaceful, stable emotional, and do not cry often.Eating, etc. Generally speaking, IQ and EQ are high.

Specific method of emotional prenatal education: expectant mothers can usually think of children’s future beautiful future and future, avoid too much trouble and anxiety; arrange the living environment more comfortable and tidy, and appreciate more beautiful things, cultivate sentiment, and breathe in the wild.Fresh air; listen to more beautiful melody music, watch more beautiful poetry, or fairy tales and scientific parenting books and magazines, not watching movies that make people nervous and fearful.

Tips for prenatal education: The mental state of tranquility and joy is the best emotional prenatal education.And the normally rhythmic heart sound of expectant mothers is the most beautiful music of the baby. The rules of the expectant mother will also give the baby a stable feeling of the baby, so the expectant mothers must keep themselves stable.Born a smart baby.

7 pregnancy health care

In the second trimester, the cells of the fetus are rapidly differentiated, and the nutritional nutrition is gradually increased. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplementing sufficient nutrition.In addition, because of the relatively reduced resistance, pregnant mothers are easily plagued by vaginitis in the middle of pregnancy. In daily care, they must pay great attention to personal hygiene.

1. The cause of vaginitis in the middle of pregnancy

The pathogen that causes vaginitis during pregnancy has a flora that was originally parasitic in the vagina or pathogens from the outside world.The changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, and the pH of the vagina also changed, which destroyed the ecological balance of the vagina and turned the flora that was originally parasitic in the vagina into a pathogenic bacteria. In addition, the resistance of pregnancy decreased, and the pathogenic bacteria broke through the vagina through the vagina.The barrier is easy to cause infection.The vagina of women during pregnancy is relatively fragile and prone to vaginitis.

Pedates, bathtubs, baths, towels, and towels in infected public places can also cause infection with unclean toilet paper.

2. Symptoms of vaginal inflammation in the middle of pregnancy

Vaginitis is one of the common diseases during pregnancy. The main symptoms are leucorrhea increase, vulva, and vaginal itching.Vaginitis is generally divided into fake silk yeast vaginitis (also known as Candida vaginitis or mold vaginitis), trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginal disease.

The most common for pregnant women is fungal vaginitis. The symptoms are white and thick bean residue. The vulva and vaginal itching, burning pain, pain during urination, high edema of the vaginal membrane, white film -shaped film adhesionIt is the erosion base of the damaged mucosa or shallow ulcers. In severe cases, it can leave ecchymosis. It is accompanied by frequent urination and urgency.

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