What are the commonly used estrogen used in "obstetrics and gynecology"?What are the effects?

In the 1930s, people were able to separate the crystals of estradiol, estradiol and estradone from the urine of pregnant women.

All three can be said to be "natural" human estrogen.Eleurhenol is the strongest activity, so it is most commonly used for medicinal use.There are many physiological effects that estradiol can play, as follows:

[Chemical characteristics of estradiol]

The estradiol is a cholesterol -like structure, insoluble in water, dissolved in acetone, and slightly soluble in alcohol.Strong lipophilic is mainly stored in adipose tissue. Therefore, the high level of estrogen in the obese crowd (which is also related to sufficient cholesterol supply), and related diseases (breasts, uterus, endometrium) are also good.Can be quickly absorbed from the skin.Note that this medicine contains alcohol and cannot be applied in mucosal areas such as breasts, vulva.

After orally, biological utilization is very low, and most of them will be destroyed in the liver. Therefore, the estradiosol obtained after 17 -bit carbon acetylene is commonly used in drugs and other drugs such as aminel glycopypes (Da Ying 35).

[What is the difference between female diol and estradiol?.

Potate is the most common oral estrogen.There is an additional "pent acid" that is similar to the purpose of estradiol, and improves the absorption effect of orally.

It must be noted that this medicine is called "former medicine" in pharmaceuticals. It is almost useless to place in the vagina and cannot be used.

If you want vaginal administration, you can choose a special dosage form such as Probe vaginal gum or binding estrogen cream.

In the past, there was also an imported drug estrogen. At present, our hospital has been interrupted for many years, and some private hospitals may have stocks.

[Synthesis, metabolism and regulation of endogenous estrogen]

Estrogen is a steroid hormone, also known as steroid hormone, which is synthesized by cholesterol as raw materials, including sex hormones (estrogen progesterone androgens), glucocorticoids and vitamin D.A large amount of animal foods such as eggs are rich, and plant foods are very rare.Therefore, many vegetarians will supplement cholesterol and vitamin D alone, otherwise their bodies will not be able to suffer.

The estradiol is mainly metabolized through the liver, and the kidney is excreted (so there will be a certain level of hormone in the urine).There will be liver and intestinal circulation, but if you want to live the liver metabolism, the effect is lower and you can ignore it.

The female estrogen in the childbearing age fluctuates (bid red) in the menstrual cycle in the body, and the poor temper before and after menstruation has a certain relationship with low estrogen.It can be seen that the thickness of the endometrium is also related to the level of estrogen. Some infertile women are related to thin endometrium, and doctors may perform estrogen treatment.This medicine is designed for 21 tablets. Usually the method of taking the medicine is 21 days continuously taking the medicine+7 days of unpaid medicine (standard menstrual cycle 28 days), which is designed based on this physiological change., But the decline of estrogen also has a synergy for endometrial falling.

(The above -mentioned medicines can be found in the public account of our pharmacist "Daily Maternal Gynecologists".

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