What are the contraindications of tooth extraction?In these 7 cases, it is best not to go to getting your teeth casually

Our teeth are not indestructible. As we grow older, the teeth will loosen and fall off, and there will be a variety of oral diseases. When the pulp nerve is necrotic, we should adopt the tooth extraction method, and then the braces correction should be used.In this way, you can remedy your teeth in time.But tooth extraction is a small operation, or there is still contraindications, not everyone is suitable for extraction.

1. Pregnant woman

Because tooth extraction is a small surgery after all, anesthesia measures will be performed during the tooth extraction process. Anesthesia drugs will have a certain effect on pregnant women and fetuses. It is likely that a series of physiological reactions will occur, which will cause fetal anxiety.In the early days of pregnant women, it is likely to cause accidents such as miscarriage.

2. Heart disease

We know that patients with heart disease are usually emotional. Many people have a fear of teeth. They are very nervous when extraction, and some pain and stimuli that will occur during tooth extraction.And even sudden death.

3. Diabetes

Because the resistance of diabetic patients to the virus is relatively low, some redness and infection will occur after the tooth extraction, then at this time, the disease of diabetes will increase.

4. Hematology

If there is diseases such as leukemia and malignant anemia and reduced primary platelets, such people may cause severe bleeding due to lack of coagulation factors, and even life risks will cause major bleeding.

5. Menstruation

Tooth extraction during menstruation can lead to excessive menstrual blood volume, cause symptoms of severe dysmenorrhea, and even cause non -physiological blood loss.

6. Acute infection

When suffering from acute hepatitis, tuberculosis, and epidemic hemorrhagic fever, tooth extraction can cause postoperative infection and inflammatory diffusion.

7. Chronic hepatitis

Patients with liver cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis cannot be extracted, because such people have bleeding tendencies, and bleeding is likely to occur after extraction.

Kind tips

In addition to the above -mentioned types of people cannot extraction, they cannot be extracted during breastfeeding, because redness and swelling and inflammation will occur after the tooth extraction. At this time, some antibiotic drugs should be taken for anti -inflammatory treatment.It affects the baby’s health.Therefore, everyone must conduct a comprehensive examination before the tooth extraction, and obey whether the doctor’s suggestion can be extracted.

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