What are the differences between the five and ten years of "Shang Ring"?It has not yet expired, but there are no small differences

Some women now do not want to be pregnant, because once they are pregnant, they will have children, and having children is very stressful for some people.So these people thought of a very good way, that is, in some ways to play a good contraceptive effect, at this time everyone will choose the ring.

In fact, there are many differences between the people in the 5th year of the upper ring and 10 years. Although they have not expired, there are great differences.

Xiao Li, this person thinks, is relatively comprehensive, because he wants to be the Dink family, so he has no intention to have a child at all.So at this time, Xiao Li thought of a very good way, that is, to contracence through the way of going on the ring.

Ten years have passed. Xiao Li thought that there was no problem in the Huanhuan, but now there have been a series of problems.What made Xiao Li the most unacceptable was that she was pregnant, which really made Xiao Li a little overwhelmed.

Xiao Li didn’t understand that it was obviously that he had done the ring. Why did you still happen?Regarding this matter, the doctor also gave a corresponding explanation, because the time of Xiao Li’s upper ring was too long, so he had lost the function of contraception for a long time, so the pregnancy situation occurred.

Xiao Li now also understands the problem of the matter. If you know that this is the case, he should take better contraceptive measures, otherwise there will be no such embarrassing situation.

In fact, this is a very realistic example. Many women choose to achieve the effect of contraception through the way of on -board.Although it has not expired, there is a big difference in the 5th year of the upper ring and 10 years, and we must see these differences in the eyes.

What is the difference between the 5th year of the upper ring and the upper ring?

If you really want to talk about this, then the first thing we should think of is the problem of contraceptive function.Although the ring time is also in the validity period, this is definitely not a good thing for women.Because at this time the contraceptive function has been greatly weakened, and it has even failed.

So if you do the same room at this time, it is easy to cause pregnancy.The five years of the upper ring will basically do not have such a situation, because at this time the shelf life is there, even if you choose the same room at this time, there will be no problems.

So if you really go to the ring for 10 years, you need to consider your body. If you are pregnant with a ring, then you will have some harm to the body and the family. We still need to understand this clearlyof.

Then there is another thing that we must admit, because the time of the birth ring in women’s body is too long, so it leads to the length of the uterine endometrium.And the birth ring is in the body of women for a long time, then it will increase the difficulty when taking it out, so that it will cause great pain.

We must not take this matter as a trivial matter, because it is very great to women’s physical damage.Even if it can be taken out, irregular bleeding will occur in the lower body, and even symptoms such as back pain and back pain will occur.At this time, women will find that their physical recovery speed is very slow, so at this time, it must be paid attention to.

If the upper ring is 5 years, there will be no big problems, and even if it is taken out, there will be no too much effect.

In addition, there is something that we need to consider, that is, if the time of the upper ring is relatively long, it is easy to make the uterus lesion.We must not ignore this matter.Human tissues will definitely reach a peak state with their age, but as women get older, some organizations will gradually become weakened from the peak.

This is the side that does not follow the heart, and women’s uterus will continue to change with the changes in the body. In addition, the age gradually becomes larger, so the endometrium will gradually become aging. During this time, women will be women.Menstructed menstruation.If the birth ring in a woman has reached 10 years, it will affect many places.

For example, the endometrium will lose the original elasticity, and the repair ability will become poor, so that it will cause various tissue lesions, which is definitely very serious for women.For 5 years, a series of lesions will not occur, because women’s bodies can often bear all this.

Therefore, don’t look at the 5th year of the ring and 10 years of the upper ring. There seems to be no big difference. If you really calculate it carefully, you will find that the difference is really very large.Therefore, it is best to quickly take out the birth ring after a certain period of time, so as to be good for women’s body, and at the same time, there will be no big problems.

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