What are the drinking misunderstandings of refreshing and delicious lemonade?

Lemonade generally refers to a common drink with lemon juice or soaked water with lemon slices.Lemonade is rich in vitamins, which can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and play a whitening effect.Although lemonade is good, it also needs an appropriate amount for drinking, not too much.Normally, drink a glass of lemonade every day.So, what other drinking misunderstandings do lemonade? Next, let’s take a look with the Economic Daily-China Economic Network Fashion Channel.

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Boil lemon with hot boiling water.The vitamin C in the lemon is not resistant to high temperature. If it is brewed with boiling water, it will destroy the vitamin C in the lemon. Drinking it is not nutritious, but the water temperature cannot be too low. OtherwiseThe water temperature is the best.

Over -brewing lemonade is too strong.Lemonade should not be soaked too thick, it must be faded. One piece of lemon water is soaked in water, which can pour about three or four cups. Such lemonade will not be sour. You can drink it without sugar or honey.Low.

Lemonade hurts the stomach.Some people think that people with stomach problems cannot drink lemonade, because the acidity of lemonade is too strong, which can stimulate the gastric mucosa. In fact, there is no need to worry about it.Because a piece of lemon can soak a large bottle of water, this kind of lemonade is soaked in a light taste and does not stimulate the stomach.

Lemon peel is not nutritious.Some people are used to squeeze juice with fresh lemon and throw away lemon peels. They think that lemon peels have no nutrition, but this is not the case.The biological flavonoids contained in lemon peel are higher than that of the flesh. It can clear the free radicals, have antioxidant effects, and can regulate human immunity, prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease.In addition, lemon peel also contains a lot of lemon essential oils, which can play a role in inspiring and eliminating burnout.(Wang Luyao)

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