What are the inspections that have just been done when you are pregnant?How much do you know?

The combination of a new family is indispensable to have a child’s laughter. When a woman just knew that she was pregnant, she was very excited, and she would become more careful in daily life, but because it was the first pregnancy, the early pregnancy was in the early pregnancy.What inspections are not clear at all.

If you want to understand the test of the pregnancy, you can pass many methods in your life, such as obeying the doctor’s advice. If you are worried that you forget the doctor’s suggestion, you can download the relevant software on your mobile phone and remind yourself to do the production inspection.

Because the environment of our lives is more different than before, the birth checkup is essential. There are many projects during pregnancy.It takes a lot of trouble the next day, so it will cause a lot of trouble, so today I will summarize the precautions for early pregnancy examinations. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The first check -up time is 0 to 5 weeks. The main inspection items are blood -drawn inspections, the purpose is to confirm whether the expectant mothers are really pregnant.Most women now suspect that they are pregnant, mainly because of the postponing holidays. The paper testing tests they bought by themselves are not completely correct, so they should go to the hospital for blood testing. This result will be more accurate.

The second birth check -in time is 6 to 8 weeks after confirming the pregnancy. The main items for the inspection are B -ultrasound examination. The purpose is to confirm the number of fetuses in the abdomen. At the same time, check whether it is normal.Embryo activity.Doctors will see the situation in the uterus through the B -ultrasound, especially the bed position of the embryo, the number of embryos, and whether there is fetal heart buds.

Women who have been abortion must be done in a timely manner in time. It is likely that embryos will not be activated or have no fetal heart.You can choose to do a second birth check at 7 to 8 weeks. If the embryo is too small, the first check may not be checked, and it will make pregnant women even more worried.Before doing the second check -up, you can say hello to the hospital and make an appointment to avoid the waiting time.

The time for the checkup is also from 6 to 8 weeks. The main items are measured blood pressure, height and weight, blood tests and urine, and check the health of leucorrhea.When doing the third checkup, you need to prepare some information in advance, mainly including the B -ultrasound, marriage certificate, the account book of the husband and wife, and the identity card of both husband and wife.

At this time, when I go to the hospital for a checkup, the doctor will ask some basic situations about you, fill in the relevant information, check the results of the examination on the day, and give you a preparation of a pregnancy file, and prepare for subsequent examinations.

The inspection time is 9-12 weeks. The main items are blood tests, B -ultrasound, and ECG. The materials that need to be brought together include the files of archives, marriage certificate, husband and wife hukou book, and ID card.This examination is mainly to see if the fetal development is healthy, and to check the vitamins that are missing in pregnant women through blood tests.

The examination time is that after 12 weeks of the fetus, the main items are NT, urine test, leucorrhea, height and weight, and blood pressure.There are many information brought before this birth checkup. Pregnancy test files, my ID cards, blood test reports before the hukou book, B -ultrasound, ECG report, urine test report, etc. In addition to my ID card and hukou book,Many hospitals will also directly put the materials mentioned later in the pregnancy test file, or directly put the pregnancy test file in the hospital for the convenience of pregnant women’s birth checkups. Some hospitals also need to be kept by pregnant women.

This time the NT check the NT is mainly to check the thickness of the transparent belt behind the fetus, and whether the fetus’s chromosomes are abnormal risks. If there is an abnormal risk, the doctor will recommend further examination, such as a amniotic fluid puncture.Under normal circumstances, you don’t need to worry too much. Doctors will check it carefully for you to ensure that every fetus is healthy and healthy. If there are serious abnormalities, it can only be expected to terminate pregnancy. This is also a family to the family.Responsible!

Women are very hard during pregnancy. Not only should they be careful every day, but they also have such a heavy belly life in the late pregnancy, but no matter how uncomfortable, every checkup cannot be missed. After allIn this way, we can ensure the birth of healthy and healthy in the future.Throughout pregnancy, the whole family should give expectant mothers more care and love. Even after the child is born, it should be more helpful to Baoma!

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