What are the names of different birthmarks? Almost everyone has it. What is your name?

I learned that after so long that each birthmark had its own name!Some will disappear by yourself. Come and see what your birthmark is called?

The first, Mongolian spot

About 10 newborns in our country, there are 7 light blue fetal notes on the body. Most of the positions are on the waist and buttocks. It looks like a bruise.It will disappear before. If the child has Mongolian spots in his teens, then this stuff may become permanent. Welcome everyone to search for different birthmark names.

The second is coffee milk spots. The name of the names is mixed like coffee milk. It is oval, mainly distributed on the body’s trunk, and on the legs and farts. As the age increases, the birthmark will gradually become larger and the color will deepen.

The third is pigment mole

Many people in their lives on their necks and faces, more or less black or tan moles. After all, good men "moles" are in the Quartet. In fact, this is a mole cells containing melanin.It has appeared during infants.

Fourth, strawberry hemangioma

This kind of red birthmark generally appears shortly after birth. The shape is oval and bright, and some of the surface will be a bit rough, but most of them are a small red dot.It will also be 3-4 mm higher than the skin, and the surface looks granular, but it feels soft and soft, and it will fade gently with your hands.

Do you know what the birthmarks in different parts are?

Fifth, salmon spots

This kind of red birthmark generally appears, the forehead, eyelids, people, and nose tip of the newborn, and a few parts that grow on the back of the back. Western legends, the child is taken to his parents with the birds.The cub couldn’t help but sip, so he left a mark on the child’s head, so this erythema was also a kiss of angels. Generally, as the child grows up to 1 year old, he can disappear by himself.

Sixth, Ota mole

As early as 1938, it was described by Ota Mado, and it was a gray -blue spot that affected the face value.Generally, it appears on Asian and black faces. The proportion of women is relatively high, and the color of the color spots will grow deeper with age.Occasionally there are nodules, and once a lifetime will not fade.

Seventh, wine mole

It is also called a red birthmark. One or more children will appear after the child is born. The borders are clearly purple red, purple or red plaques. Most of the growth sites are on the face, neck and limbs.Yes, the birthmark will also become darker when children cry, force, or take a bath when they are in touch with high temperature. In addition, the birthmark will increase with the age of the person. The eighth is a pigment -free mole. This is a relatively rare typeThe white birthmarks usually appear on the child’s torso, lower abdomen, and hands and feet, and a few appear on the face and neck of the human.birthmark.

The birthmark on your body may be the brothers and sisters you absorbed?There is a beautiful model named Taylor Milin in California, USA. Half of the body is a dark red birthmark. It looks like another person lives in the body.It is amazing that along the division line of this birthmark, she used a metal belt to be allergic on one side, but there was no reaction on the other side.When I was a kid, I was often sick until one day when I grew up, Taylor accidentally saw the chores on TV. This is a rare medical condition.The composition, that is, during the embryo period, one of the twins died earlier, the other would absorb the remaining cells, leading to the surviving baby, and at the same time, it had two groups of cells.

But most of the chores do not know, and only discovered when DNA inspection is performed.At present, only about 100 cases are confirmed in the world, so Taylor began to doubt whether it was chimeric. After examination, it was found that Taylor’s body not only had two DNAs, but also two different immune systems.In other words, in the embryo period, Taylor did absorb her twin sisters during the embryo period. It is precisely because the two immune systems in the body are constantly fighting, resulting in a serious decline in Taylor’s immunity.Therefore, it is particularly easy to get sick. Originally, Taylor had been annoyed by this huge birthmark, and intends to eliminate the birthmark through laser surgery.But after learning about the truth, she thought that the birthmark was the symbol of her sister, and she began to show her uniqueness.In fact, in real life, many people check their twins when they are pregnant, but there is only one embryo left in the later stages of pregnancy. You may wish to ask your parents, maybe you are one of them.

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