What are the reasons for hand numbness: unilateral anesthesia cervical spine bilateral anesthesia test blood sugar

"After waking up, the whole arm was numb, as if countless ants had crawled, and gradually disappeared after 5-10 minutes." Many people had such experience.This kind of physiological numbness caused by poor peripheral blood circulation, insufficient local blood supply, or nerve pressure is generally mild, and has a small impact on health.However, if the intermittent numbness of the fingers appears for a long time or no obvious causes, and even suddenly wakes up due to numb pain at night, be vigilant, pay attention to exclude the following diseases:

When the symptoms of unilateral numbness appear, we can conduct preliminary self -assessment and find the cause.

Nervous root cervical spondylosis.If you are in a sitting position, your hand starts to numb and change the position of the head (cervical spine).EssenceIn clinical, nearly 70 % of the symptoms of numbness are caused by nerve root cervical spondylosis.Due to the degeneration of the cervical disc, secondary pathological changes, the nerve root is compressed, and pain in the corresponding nerve distribution area is caused.Generally, thumb numbness indicates the sixth neck nerve root pressure; the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger indicate the seventh neck nerve root to be compressed;In addition, the patient’s neck and shoulders are often sore in muscle, and severe symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, and tinnitus.

Flat tunnel syndrome.If the wrist is maintained at the maximum flexion position, the thumb, index finger, and middle finger of thumbs, index finger, and middle finger within 60 seconds, consider it as a vessel syndrome.Excessive use of fingers, especially repetitive activities, such as mouse or typing for a long time, can cause vestoing syndrome.Its main manifestations are numbness of thumbs, index finger, and middle fingers. There are often history of wake -up at night, and the activity after waking up can improve.In severe cases, it may be accompanied by symptoms of hand muscle atrophy, affecting fine movements of the hand.

Short -term cerebral ischemia/stroke.Cerebral arteriosclerosis or stenosis, thrombosis, insufficient blood supply, etc. may induce short -term cerebral ischemia, and may indicate high -risk diseases such as cerebral infarction in severe cases.Often manifested as fingers or on one limb to numb.If you have symptoms such as headache and dizziness, dark vision or blurred sight, nonsense, poor coordination ability, etc., it may be a sign of stroke.If these symptoms often occur, you should seek medical treatment in time.

If bilateral symmetrical hand numbness occurs, the following diseases need to be detected.

diabetes.Bilateral finger numbness is a common symptom of the surrounding neuropathy of diabetes. It is often symmetrical when onset, similar to the feeling of wearing gloves or wearing socks.Many diabetic patients have not been effectively controlled, and a variety of complications have appeared in the early days. Therefore, even if patients have no history of diabetes, those with long -term numbness should also do diabetes screening.

Poisoning.If people who often have numbness in alcoholism, they may be poisoned by chronic alcohol. If they are not intervened in time, they can cause dysfunction of various systems of the body and even irreversible damage.

Diet or medication habits.Picky eaters lead to the deficiency of vitamin B, which can also cause peripheral neuropathy, leading to numbness; often using some diarrhea and anti -infective drugs, the same problems will occur.At this time, as long as you have a reasonable diet, stop the medicine or change the medicine.

Late pregnancy/menopausal syndrome.Some pregnant women will feel the unilateral or bilateral handicapped pain, numbness, numbness, or burning.Pain and numbness mainly affect the side of the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and small finger, which causes loss of fine movements in the fingers, and usually has no serious consequences.Menopausal women sometimes have hand numbness symptoms, but with the end of menopause, hand numbness will disappear.

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