What are the records of the queen mother’s pregnancy in history, and how are these absurd events end?

Insert a cheerful topic today. Someone asked, is there any record of queen queen pregnancy in history, how did they deal with it?

This question is quite strange. The mother of the queen mother sounds very ridiculous, but there are indeed related records in history:

The more famous Queen Feng of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Zhao Ji, the biological mother of Qin Shihuang, and the Empress Dowager Cixi.

Let’s talk about the Queen Mother of the Northern Wei Dynasty first:

She is the queen of the Emperor Wencheng of the Northern Wei Dynasty, and the aunt of the Emperor Xianwen Tuobahong. The prototype of Li Weiyang in the TV series "Splendid Beiyang", which was more popular a while ago, was Queen Mother Feng.

Is it a bit destroyed?

Feng was originally the princess of Beiyan. After the death, he was filled with the Emperor Taiwu Tuobayu’s harem.After a series of things, she finally became the queen queen.

However, after all, it is lighter, and it is the blood of the northern minorities in the north. It is not very constrained by traditional culture. So when I saw the Southern Dynasties, he met him at a glance.Come back.

Later, he began to love Li Yi, eventually causing the emperor’s resentment, and killed Li Yi, "The Biography of the Northern History · Concubine":

"Emperor Xianwen Li Yi, the queen mother was unsatisfactory."

After that, the pet ministers became Li Chong, and the reason for reusing was "the utensils can be better."

Later, the Empress Dowager Feng abolished Emperor Xian Wen and killed him, re -supported a filial piety, and Queen Mother Feng was found pregnant soon.

As a result, a few doctors who came to see the doctor lived one, because the first two were frightened to kneel on the ground, saying that there was joy. How could such a scandal be sent out, so he killed.The disease was prescribed two abortion medicines, which was a disaster.

Besides that Zhao Ji:

She was originally Lu Buwei’s wife and concubine. Of course, it was also said that it was a strategy of Lu Buwei.Lu Bowei tried his best to give Zhao Ji to a stranger. At that time, Zhao Ji might be pregnant, so there was always a question about Qin Wang Zhengzheng’s life.

After the total conspiracy, I finally became the king of Qin Zhuang, the King of Qinzhuang, and he had doubts about Lu Buwei, so Lu Buwei continued to plan with Zhao Ji to let Zhao Ji show up at night, so that he could make his charming things about the ability to be charming.In the end, King Qinzhuang Xiang was overdone too much, and he died at a young age.

Then there is Zheng Zheng ascended …

After that, the queen mother Zhao Ji began to linger with Lu Buwei, but on the one hand, Lu Buwei was indeed a bit older, and on the other hand, he also worried about the attitude of Zheng Zheng, so Lu Buwei recommended a person named 嫪毐.It was only abnormal on Fang Yan’s affairs. It really didn’t take long for the queen mother to be pregnant and secretly gave birth to two children.

Although Qin Wangzheng learned more information, he was busy annexing the great cause of the six countries at that time, and he did not interfere too much.

However, I also said before that elsewhere can be durable. I only do that. As a result, I have to do usurp. I want to partner with Zhao Ji to get rid of Zheng Zheng. Who is Zheng Zheng?Qin Shihuang, can be except for such a low IQ?

All of them soon reported the matter to Zheng Zheng, so they were divided by five horses. Zhao Ji’s two illegitimate children were also killed on the spot. If it wasn’t for Zhao Ji as a biological mother, it was estimated that she could not live.

Later, Lu Buwei committed suicide after drinking poisonous wine, and Zhao Ji died shortly after.

Besides Cixi:

Of course, this is questionable, all of which are wild history and rumors.

For example, Empress Dowager Cixi’s favorite eunuch Andor and Li Lianying were said to have no cleanliness when they were clean.When Andei and Empress Dowager Cixi took a walk, others would follow the distance and not be too close.

After the death of Andehai, the Empress Dowager Cixi was sad. Fortunately, Li Lianying, who was good at combing the woman, pushed up. It is rumored that the two often talked about and learned "the way of health" until late at night.

Ye Shi also said that the Empress Dowager Cixi was pregnant. For this reason, the other queen mother Ci’an also convened the minister to discuss what to do. As a result, Cixi was first stepped away from Queen Mother Ci’an.

Of course, these records are all talking nonsense. I think the Empress Dowager Cixi will not get pregnant.

No matter which queen mother is pregnant or even children, then she will not be good at the end. After all, she is the queen mother, representing the face of the entire royal family. As an orthodox emperor, she will naturally not allow the queen mother to do this.

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