What are the side effects of drug abortion?

Drug abortion, referred to as the drug flow, is to use rice -ketone tablets and macaro anterior alcohol drug to terminate early pregnancy.In recent years, the number of people taking abortion due to accidental pregnancy has been increasing, and patients are constantly earlier.Among them, many young women think of the flow of people very simple, especially the drug flow, thinking that the drug flow is simple, painless, and no trauma.In fact, if the use of the drug flow is light, the purpose of the abortion cannot be achieved, and the severe blood may lose blood and lose excessive life.

What are the side effects of drug abortion?

Among the side effects of drug abortion, the smallest is irregular menstruation.It is manifested by shortening or extending the menstrual cycle, and the increase in menstrual flow. For unprecedented women, if it is repeatedly used, it will not only cause infection or major bleeding, but also may cause infertility and cause lifelong regrets.It can be seen that the harm of drug abortion is very harmful to the body.

Whether it is a surgical curettage or a drug abortion, in addition to the physical damage to the flesh, the damage caused by hormone changes to the human body is also difficult to detect.After all, artificial interruption of pregnancy, due to the sudden rapid decline in endocrine function, the body has no slow adaptation process, which is the most hidden blow to the human body.

These women are suitable for drug flow

1. Without menopause within the 49th, it is determined to be in the palace pregnancy. Healthy women who are under 40 years old and voluntarily ask for pregnancy.

2. No history of chronic diseases or allergic asthma.

3. Those who have been diagnosed with B -ultrasound and urinary pregnancy tests are positive.

4. Women who have not received glucocorticoid therapy in the past three months.

In addition, endocrine diseases (such as adrenal diseases, diabetes, thyroid diseases, etc.), liver or renal function abnormalities, benign or malignant tumors of various organs, hemicidal or thrombotic diseases, hypertension and other women are not suitable; Cardiac, glaucoma, asthma, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and allergic constitution should not take prostaglandin drugs. Those with internal births in the palace and suspicious palaces cannot use drugs.

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