What are the symptoms of children?Can pregnant women use medicine after "Yang"?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 16th: What symptoms do children "Yang" need to pay attention?Can pregnant women use medicine after "Yang"?——The press conference on the joint control mechanism of the State Council responded to the hot topic of epidemic prevention prevention

Xinhua News Agency reporters Tian Xiaowang, Wen Jinghua, Li Heng

On the 16th, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference on the topic of the health guarantee of key groups.According to Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health and Health Commission, as the prevention and control of the epidemic enters a new stage, the country is carrying out the graded classification dynamic services of key groups such as elderly people, children, mothers, and chronic basic diseases."Work.

Parents should pay attention to their children when they are infected with new coronal viruses?Can pregnant women use medicine after "Yang"?The elderly are worried about the infection and can’t go out. Is this necessary?At the press conference, experts in many fields answered the concerns of the health protection hotspots of key groups.

What symptoms need to pay attention to after children’s "Yang"?Poor spirit, refusal, continuous high fever, etc.

After children infected with new coronal viruses, it is often difficult to express their symptoms. Parents should pay special attention to what symptoms of children?

Wang Quan, director of the Emergency Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, said that if the child is poor, lethargy or irritable, or even moan, some children have conscious disorder or even convulsions, and parents need to be vigilant.When the child’s breathing frequency is obviously accelerated, breathing, pumping, hoarseness, "breaking bamboo" or "dog barking" cough, or even no sound, parents should pay attention to and take the child to seek medical treatment in time.

Wang Quan also reminded that children have difficulty feeding, refusal, frequent vomiting, diarrhea, or reduced urine output, or the body temperature is greater than or equal to 41 degrees Celsius, continued high fever, fever for more than 3 days, fever and new hair rashes, etc., and also accompanied by new rashes.All need to be followed.

Can pregnant women take medicine after infection?Symptoms are mild, no medicine

At present, the number of hospitals in some regional hospitals is still large. Do pregnant women go every time they check?

Zhao Yangyu, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Third Hospital of Peking University, said that maternal mothers can go to the hospital through online consultation and other channels during the epidemic.For example, stomach pain or bleeding during early pregnancy should be used to seek medical treatment in time to eliminate ectopic pregnancy; about 12 weeks of NT screening, 22 weeks of screening of ultrasonic structures; individualized problems such as amniotic fluid puncture.Pregnant women in the third trimester, if there is abnormal fetal movement, bleeding, stomach pain, fatigue, weakness, etc., even if they do not have a fever, they should go to the hospital for treatment. Some may be a problem of late pregnancy complications.

Can pregnant women use medication after infection with new coronal virus?Zhao Yangyu introduced that if there are no symptoms or symptoms, you can not need medicine, but you need to rest more, drink moderate water, and ensure sleep to restore your physical strength.It is recommended to consult a doctor before medication.After "Yang Kang", we should continue to pay attention to protection, ensure sleep and nutritional equilibrium, etc., and gradually take some exercise measures to gradually achieve rehabilitation.

Can I give birth naturally after infection with the new coronary virus?Zhao Yangyu said that under strict protection, light pregnant women can choose naturally childbirth, heavy or critical pregnant women need multi -disciplinary teams to discuss and decide.During natural delivery, pregnant women can still choose to give birth analgesic infection.

How to use medicine after "yang" for cardiovascular disease?Be wary of overlapping medicine

Many patients with cardiovascular disease are concerned. Will infection with new coronary virus increase the basic diseases such as cardiovascular disease?

Zhou Yujie, Executive Deputy Dean of Beijing Anzhen Hospital, introduced that after the infection, patients with basic heart disease, especially elderly patients, are prone to inflammatory response in vascular plaques, and the incidence of thrombosis is also prone to increase, resulting in an increase in the original disease.Patients are easily combined with hypoxemia during cough and fever, and the symptoms of patients with cardiovascular patients are not as obvious as young people.

Zhou Yujie said that some drugs that treat new coronal viruses and drugs for the treatment of basic cardiovascular disease may occur in overlapping and medication when combined with medication, causing patient hydrolytic electrolyte balance disorders or changes in the effects of medicinal effects.

"Don’t have to wait, drag, consume," must be treated in time, adjust the medicine in time under the guidance of a doctor, and optimize the effect of drug treatment. "Zhou Yujie reminded that for cardiovascular patients, especially elderly patients, balanced nutrition is also beneficial to cardiovascular diseases.Control, pay attention to supplementing nutrition in a timely and appropriate amount to promote absorption and metabolic balance.

Is the elderly fearing that the infection will not go out for a long time?Reduce going out but it is not advisable to close the door

After the implementation of the "Class B Tube", some elderly people are worried about infection and dare not go out. Is this necessary?

Li Yanming, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine of Beijing Hospital, said that whether the elderly can go out should be comprehensively judged by the local epidemic trend, whether the elderly infected with the new crown virus, the age of the elderly, the basic disease, and personal wishes.

"Long -term closed doors will affect the physical and mental health of the elderly. It can reduce going out, but it is not completely closed behind closed doors. During the process of going out, it is necessary to protect it." Li Yanming said.

How to match the nutrition after "Yang Kang"?Do not overwhelm the tonic

After the rehabilitation of the new crown virus, continuing nutrition management is conducive to accelerating rehabilitation.

Yu Kang, director of the clinical nutrition department of Beijing Union Hospital, introduced that after "Yang Kang", people who can eat normally should keep the food diversified as much as possible, and quantitatively quantitatively meals daily; ensure the intake of important nutrients such as high -quality protein;Matching vegetables with three daily meals, vegetables with vegetables and fruits every day; keep enough drinking water, a small amount, multiple, and regular drinking water.

He said that "Yang Kang" should not be urgent afterwards, because including the digestive tract, the recovery of many organs still takes a certain amount of time. Too anxious, too many supplements, or even overeating may be counterproductive, and follow less, from less to more, more, more, more, more, more, more.The principle of gradual progress is safer.

"Whether it is a period of infection or a rehabilitation period, trying to eat good meals normally is always the first choice." Yu Kang reminded that poor appetite and reduction of eating, especially reduced by more than one -third, can be under guidance of professional nutrition experts.Choose additional nutrition in the intestine; special groups such as the elderly and those who have obvious malnutrition before the infection, those who have long -term low -weight or vegetarians, etc., can supplement the additional intestinal nutritional preparations as a key choice.

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