What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?Regarding pregnancy, remember these points

Do you know about pregnancy?The birth of a new life requires people to peace and place, and there will be many uncomfortable symptoms from the beginning of pregnancy. Women should pay attention to it; in addition, contraception is also a great knowledge, let’s take a look at the following!

What is going on with pregnancy?

1. Fertilization

Men’s sperm experience came to the process of combining the tubal and eggs, which is called fertilization.After fertilization, fertilized eggs are formed, and they will be in bed in the uterus, and they will slowly bred life.

2. During pregnancy

Pregnancy refers to the process of "embryo" to "fetal". After the pregnancy starts from the end of the last menstruation, the first two weeks are the egg fertilized bed, and then enter the early pregnancy (1-12 weeks), mid-term (13-28 weeks), Late (29-40), after the fetus matures, give birth.With the development of the baby every time, the mother will have different reactions or symptoms.See the general list of symptoms during pregnancy, please see the table below:

Third, childbirth

Pregnant women will take about 40 weeks of pregnancy and give birth to the fetus.There will be a sign of production before production, such as falling red, water -breaking, continuous pain, etc., and then enter three output processes. When the uterus contraction, opening your finger to the appropriate size, you can give birth.

How do you know she was pregnant?

How can women judge whether they are pregnant?It is usually found that there are some abnormal conditions in the body, and then the pregnancy test can be used to determine whether it is pregnant.The following are the symptoms that may occur in the early stages of pregnancy (the first 3 months):

1. Menstrual delay: Menstrual delay is more than two weeks, which may be pregnant.

2. The basal body temperature continues to high temperature: After ovulation, the lutein increases, so that the basal body temperature rises into the high temperature period. If it is not fertilized, the basic body temperature will decrease after two weeks of ovulation. Thereforesign.

3. Pregnancy vomiting: Pregnancy vomiting is commonly known as harm, usually in the early stages of pregnancy, but not everyone will experience it; the cause of pregnancy vomiting is mainly to change female hormones, resulting in changes in pregnant women’s appetite and more sensitive to food.It will improve after 12 weeks of pregnancy.(Editor: Soothing and harmful diet and trial are effective)

4. It is easier to feel tired and want to sleep than usual.

5. Oral disease: After pregnancy, saliva will appear acidic, and the viscosity increases. The gum tissue is prone to swelling and bleeding. In addition, the pregnancy and dietary habits are changed. The teeth are prone to reserve cars.

6. Breast -swelling discomfort: Due to the increase in hormones in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women’s breasts will feel swelling and itching, the nipple color will deepen, and it is more sensitive. Moms can choose some breastfeeding underwear to soothe the discomfort.

7. Changes of secretions: After pregnancy, the secretions will increase the secretion due to emotional prime. Normally, it presents a transparent and slightly viscous liquid.Domestic signs or bacterial infections are the best medical treatment.(Editor: Finding brown secretions and abdominal pain doctors in the early stages of pregnancy: may be a precursor of abortion)

8. Limitic acid and abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy.

9. Bloating and constipation: After pregnancy, because the uterus continues to grow, it is compressed to the rectum, interfere with the normal peristalsis of the intestine, and it is easy to cause flatulence or constipation.

10. Emotional instability: After pregnancy, another obvious change is emotion. Pregnant women will be more irritable and cry than before. On the one hand, the body hormones change, and the second aspect is the pressure of fear of production.

Pregnancy and contraception

Of course, pregnancy is a happy event, but for those who plan to have children, contraception is very important.Today’s contraceptive methods are diverse. Among them, condoms and contraceptive pills are more common. Momi worships a general list of contraceptive methods and its effects. Please choose according to your own conditions and needs!

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