What are the taboos in the new house in the new house? What’s wrong with the headache of the new house?

Staying in a new house is the most anticipated thing, because you can finally move into the harbor in your heart.Although the society is very open today, it is still more traditional as the Chinese. It pays more attention to various Feng Shui problems, such as the Feng Shui of the new house feng shui.In fact, there are many taboos and pay attention to whether it is moving or new houses, so let’s take a look at the relevant content about what taboos and new houses have headaches to stay in the new house.

1. What are the taboos in the new house to check in

1. Do not enter the house empty.The house is renovated, and many friends will go empty -handed. This is wrong. Even if you go to buy some fruit and put it, put a new house when you leave, and you are not empty -handed.Enter the house empty -handed.

2. No longer repaired after moving a new home.After the renovation, I have moved the new home, I feel uncomfortable here, there are problems there, find a master to come in to repair and supplement, you are a new home, or a broken family, so after check -inAvoid, it must be a decoration inspection. Moving a new home.

3. Pregnant women avoid moving with them.One day the new home taboo pregnant women follow the movement, try not to contact the entire process of relocation, don’t even look at it, because some temporary living things in the new house often damage the fetal gas of pregnant women.After entering the new home, the pregnant women need to sweep everything that they moved over the old house.

4. Moving a new home but noon.The so -called noon, that is, strictly speaking at 11 o’clock, even if the delay can not pass the "morning", that is, at 12 o’clock, the yang is declining after this point, which is not good for the new house.

5. The lights are bright.When you move, turn on the lights. You can do it. In the past, you said that moving a new home, adding salary fire, not letting you burn firewood and wax, turn on the lights, wong Wangwangfu, increase the wealth.

6. Moving from the old home to a new home need to choose the right good day. It is the so -called "sky, place, people and harmony", a Geely day is very important, which can play a vital role in the people at home.In addition, you must pay attention to choosing Jiri. You cannot rush to the character of the family, nor can it be built with the month of the month.As long as all are not rushing, you can confirm the days.

7. Raise one -third of the water from the old home pool, bring it to the new home, and then pour into the new home’s pool. This meaning is health care, avoiding uncomfortable situations.

8. Before entering the new home, prepare a new broom, a new dustpan, and then tie it with a red rope, which means to avoid evil and eliminate disasters.

9. Take a little bit from the old rice cylinder of the old home, pour into the new home’s rice cylinder, and put a red envelope on the rice. You can put a little money in the red envelope, which means that the clothing is full.

10. If you want to relocate the new home from the old home, wait for the kitchen things to place all the things, and then welcomes the new home.

11. The tableware prepared by the new family needs to be paired, and then put it in the red barrel into the house together. Do not have a gap in the bowl.

12. On the day of the relocation, the first person who entered the house must be the homeowner. After the owner entered, other talents could enter.

2. What’s wrong with the headache of the new house in?

The headache of the new house is likely to be caused by the excess of formaldehyde. What are the symptoms of formaldehyde exceeding the standard?

1. Within three years of moving into a new house, the newlywed couple did not take any contraceptive measures, that is, infertility, and the cause of infertility cannot be found. This is likely to be caused by the excess of formaldehyde in the new house.

2. The situation of pregnant women during pregnancy is normal, and the family does not have some hidden genetic hazards. However, the postal examination found that the fetus is malformed. This is likely to be the effect of formaldehyde in the family. This is why pregnant women are best not to live in a new house.

3. Many plants and animals are placed in the newly renovated house, but less than a week, the plants have problems with yellow leaves, withered, etc.It is caused by the excess of the indoor formaldehyde.

4. When the new company goes to work, there will be symptoms such as sore throat and respiratory tract.

5. When you get up in the morning, when you are dull, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, when you often have a cold, uncomfortable throat, and poor breathing, children often cough and sneeze.It’s right.

How to eliminate formaldehyde

Formaldehyde removal method 1: ventilation and fan. When formaldehyde is released, it exists in the form of gas.If it can be ventilated in time, it can be partially discharged.However, it is difficult to control the wind when we open the window, so we can use an electric fan to flow the indoor air faster.However, when the window is closed at night, you cannot use this method, and you need some other methods to handle formaldehyde together.

Method of formaldehyde removal 2: activated carbon has always been a good physical adsorption ability. It can not only adsorb the impurities in the water, but also have a good adsorption ability for pollution gases. You can place a lot of activated carbon bags at home.Activated carbon is a very common adsorption material.It can only absorb formaldehyde, so the saturation speed is fast.When we use it to deal with formaldehyde, we need to replace it frequently for about a month.

Formaldehyde removal method 3: Place some adsorption and decomposition materials. The adsorption and decomposition material is a mainstream formaldehyde removal material, which consists of black and white particles.When using it, it can adsize the entry of formaldehyde gas at the same time. While thoroughly decomposes, it will not cause saturation problems and can use longer.Valid for more than 3 years, easy to use.

Formaldehyde removal method 4: Raise more plants, and some plants can purify formaldehyde, but because the purification efficiency is low, it can only be used in the auxiliary method.It is recommended to use this method to raise a plant family, you can raise some green plants, hanging orchids, chrysanthemums, and ivy.

Formaldehyde removal method 5: Place the humidifier. The humidifier can absorb some formaldehyde and reduce the indoor formaldehyde concentration.However, this effect is short -term. Once the water mist evaporates, the formaldehyde will be released again, so it is recommended to be urgent when using it. Do not rely on this method alone.

Formaldehyde removal method 6: Spray furniture with chemical sprayers. Furniture is basically a source of formaldehyde release, so we can use individual methods for specific goals.For example, spray a layer of chemical spray on the surface of the furniture and form a layer of film on the furniture to prevent the release of formaldehyde.

Method of formaldehyde removal 7: photocatalyst breakdown formaldehyde

Light catalyst is one of the ways to remove formaldehyde now. It produces photocatalytic reactions under the illumination of light to break down various organic compounds, such as formaldehyde, and can also sterilize, deodorize, and purify the air.

Method of formaldehyde removal 8: Active manganese catalyzed oxide formaldehyde

Active manganese can decompose formaldehyde, decompose directly into carbon dioxide and water, and there will be no secondary pollution. It is an effective means of formaldehyde removal.But given that there are many types of indoor formaldehyde release sources, we still hope that multiple methods are used in half.

The above is what we know about what taboos and new houses are related to the headache of the new house. I hope to help and choose some friends with decoration ideas!

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