What are the ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy

For many pregnant women, they know that they are very hard during pregnancy. They often feel back pain, especially after the late pregnancy, this symptoms will be more obvious, so how to make expectant mothers can be more able to be moreTo be comfortable during pregnancy, today we will introduce some methods to relieve back pain during pregnancy.

An October is a pain and happiness for a mother. When the baby grows up day by day in the belly, the load of the waist is getting heavier and heavier.Back pain? How can I reduce the torture of low back pain and make myself pass comfortably during pregnancy?

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, back pain was mostly caused by female and progesterone secretion, blood gathered in the pelvic cavity, congestion and congestion. At this time, low back pain was generally mild, so pregnant mothers need to be too nervous.In the middle and late pregnancy, the weight of pregnant mothers continued to grow, the uterus gradually increased, and the waist was growing forward. In order to maintain their body balance, the pregnant mother had to lean back on the shoulders and heads.The spinal muscles continue to be tight and cause excessive fatigue on the back of the waist, which causes the pregnant mothers to have backache back pain during this period. Generally, low back pain can be relieved.In addition, in order to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal during childbirth, a pregnant mother will secrete a hormone in the body. This hormone can relax the ligament connected to the pelvis, and also relax the muscles to increase the spine. ThereforeThe late pregnant mothers can easily feel back pain.

There is a trick to relieve low back pain at home

Sleeping posture: If the pregnant mother takes the sleeping position in the supine position during pregnancy, the increased uterus will be pressed on the back theort of the rear, affecting the blood supply of the uterus, and a different degrees of push or squeezing each organs, which increasesSymptoms of low back pain.Therefore, it is recommended that when the mother lay down, first bent her legs to support the pelvis, and then twist the pelvis gently until the waist is adjusted to the position that she thinks is more comfortable, and then take the position of the left side position.The compression of the internal organs ensures the blood flow of the uterus and placenta, reduces the venous veins of the lower limbs, relieves the waist pressure, allows the waist to relax the maximum extent.At the same time, when the left side is lying, the legs are also bent back and after.In the end, there are certain requirements for the choice of bed. It is not advisable to use too soft beds. Make sure the human skeleton is naturally fully supported when lying down.

Getting up: Don’t sit up immediately by lying down when you get up. You should first be sideways and help the power of the hand.

Standing posture: Most pregnant mothers like to arch their backs when standing, and their abdomen stand forward to maintain their body balance, but this posture will increase the burden on the waist.Therefore, when the pregnant mother is standing, she should lift her head flat, keep her waist straight, stretch the back muscles, and the feet are slightly separated and pointing in the same direction to allow the gravity to distribute to the thighs and abdomen, and reduce the burden on the back of the waist.

Sit position: When you sit down, don’t be too hard. First sit on the edge of the chair, then twist the waist gently, gradually adjust the body’s center of gravity from the spine to the hip, and then lean on the back of the chair.Place the entire hip in the center of the seat, don’t just put half of the hips on the side.After sitting, keep the shoulders straight. The hip and knee joint should be right corners, and the thighs are placed horizontally.In addition, the height of the table and the chair should be matched, try to find a back chair, do not choose a stool or too soft sofa.

Household chores: Some lightweight housework can help work, but if you raise heavy objects, stand on a high place, take things from high places, take things back and heavy bags, etc. These housework will cause pregnant mothers to hurt the waist inadvertently.Let your husband share it.

Do health and relieve back pain back pain

Massage and hot compresses: This is a good time for prospective dad to dedicate diligence. Massage for pregnant mothers every day to relieve low back pain.During the massage, the prospective dad moved together with five fingers, and placed on both sides of the back lumbar spine.At the same time, you can also do local hot compresses. Apply a hot towel every day to the waist for about half an hour, which can effectively reduce the pain.

Use the belt belt: After entering the middle and late stages, pregnant mothers can consider using the belly belt and slightly tilt the abdomen from the lower abdomen to help relieve the pressure on the waist.

Make warmth measures: The waist is cold and it is easy to damage kidney qi, causing low back pain. Therefore, pregnant mothers should take the waist warmth measures.Quilt.

Supplementary nutrients: During pregnancy, due to the continuous increase in the demand for various nutrients in the fetus, if various nutrients are not supplemented in time, not only cannot meet the baby’s growth needs, but it will also lead to the lack of various nutrients and minerals in pregnant mothers.When pregnant mothers lack calcium, vitamins, and iron in their body, it is easy to cause back pain. Therefore, pregnant mothers should properly supplement various nutrients under the guidance of a doctor during pregnancy.

These methods introduced above to relieve back pain during pregnancy are still more practical. If necessary, everyone may wish to try these methods mentioned above to try to alleviate certain symptoms of our uncomfortable as soon as possible. SoOnly then can I feel better, and it is very good for the body of myself and the fetus.

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