What are the ways to relieve pregnancy

Pregnancy vomiting is a type of early pregnancy reaction. Generally, it starts at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, and it continues to reduce or disappear until 12 weeks of pregnancy.Each person has different constitution, and the degree of reaction of pregnancy is different. How can some more severe pregnancy vomiting effectively alleviate?

Ding Xiaoqin, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Chongqing Jiahua Maternity Hospital, said that it can choose to eat some sour foods, such as plums, to alleviate pregnancy. Keep diet light. Do not starve to eat, eat less meals, and stay away from the smell of stimulating pregnancy.

Eat some foods that can relieve pregnancy

Pregnant mothers can eat some sour foods such as plums and lemons in their usual diet. This can alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy, or contain some ginger slices, and drink some ginger soup to help relieve pregnancy.

Light diet, a small amount of meals

Pregnant mothers are not suitable for eating heavy flavors in the early stages of pregnancy, and it is easy to cause pregnancy and vomiting discomfort.The taste of the dishes should be as light and delicious as much as possible, avoiding spicy, greasy, and high -fat foods.

Usually eat a small amount of meals, do not eat too much at one time, do not add unnecessary burden to the stomach.Pregnant mothers can eat meals in three meals or eat something every 2-3 hours, and eat less at a time.

Take a small snack with you to avoid an empty stomach

If the pregnant woman is too hungry, no food is neutralized in the stomach, it will cause gastric acid and vomiting.Therefore, when the expectant mother goes out, you can bring some snacks with him, such as salty soda biscuits, bread slices, yogurt, etc., eat a little when you are hungry to avoid empty stomach.

Stay away from some sensitive smells

If you are sensitive to some odors, such as the smell of oil fume, fishy smell, or feeling nauseous about certain foods, then stay as far away as possible during pregnancy, which can help you prevent the feeling of nausea and vomiting.Of course, if the pregnancy reaction is too seriously affected to eat normally, the vitamin B6 can be taken under the guidance of the doctor, and infusion treatment is performed if necessary.(Supply of Chongqing Jiahua Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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