What can a full -time mother go out to work?

“”How can there be so many high -winds to go to work, because they have to make money!

Strange to blame yourself easy to believe in people!

My mother -in -law 12 years ago” Brain bleeding” At that time, my husband and I established a relationship for about a year. I was ready to order for the New Year. I also went to Shanghai to visit.As long as everyone is fine, everything will be fine, and my husband and I work hard. If this idea goes back, I should not be as naive as it was!

Because you think so beautiful:

My husband and I were almost naked. My husband was a credit card every month, and his salary was not included in 2,000. He was in Hefei.I didn’t know what I thought about myself. I jumped in without hesitation. I jumped in without hesitation, and I could get better with my father -in -law who worked hard to assist my mother -in -law in the later period.

Before marriage, their family was really concerned about me, and my husband was also very concerned about it. I have been working in Hefei. Before giving birth to a child, my salary was 2,700 yuan, and I was eaten, but the house we rented.

We bought a house in our loan, and the down payment was borrowed. His dad borrowed 90,000 from the two sisters., 1800 yuan given to the meeting.His dad gave 20,000 yuan and borrowed 30,000 yuan in relatives. Later, we got a credit card of 28,000 full wedding gifts (equivalent to our own money. This my husband hid me.Only after getting married, I reacted.)

As soon as I got married, I was not for 3 months, and I went home to make Qingming, and my father -in -law asked me. He asked me to avoid my husband and ask me. Why did n’t have a child? I did n’t know at the time. I thought he was treating me as a family member., Care, the reality is that he felt that I couldn’t give birth, and I was too simple to want people’s kindness at that time (I booked a kiss with my husband after falling in love with my husband for about 2 years.I feel very lucky, maybe this is also God’s reward for me to do not mess with my male and female).

I look forward to 6 years of my mother -in -law without recovery, but from the original semi -paralyzed to fat to full paralysis. I always said that my mother -in -law would cheer.A sister Qian paid the down payment loan to buy a house. At most, the father -in -law paid the father -in -law to pay attention to the mother -in -law’s diet and insisted on exercise.At that time, my mother -in -law started a few steps, but as a father -in -law who had culture in that era, it was really uncommon. Every time I went back to see him a large bowl of kelp pork rib soup, my mother -in -law had to eat a lotFatty father -in -law was struggling. I was really worried. I said that my mother -in -law is so fat, and you can’t insist on supervising her exercise. How can you stand up so much about you?If you are kind, you shouldn’t say that even if my daughter -in -law, my daughter -in -law, when I did n’t ask for work for a day, my father -in -law would only think that he was working hard and took care of my mother -in -law.Greetings, the children are happy to add children at home. The fear of the sky is to rush over to see the grandson. The father -in -law’s eyes are pretending to be a grandfather. It is difficult to give birth for two days and three nights.There is something to worry about in Hefei Hospital.Send it back to see him, but not to hold it, but for three months of marriage, he was worried that his daughter -in -law would not be born, and funny could no longer be funny.

I did n’t go to work three years after giving birth to a child. Before the child was 1 year old, the mother’s mother helped me.

In 2018, my husband was burst by PTP to lose 200,000 credit card money. I was depressed at the time. I was bringing my child. He did not go to work well.Then I was deceived 200,000. I really thought about divorce at the time, but no, I asked his dad to come to help us bring the child in the kindergarten. I started to work. On the first day of my father -in -law, I let me learn how to wait for my mother -in -law.He said he was looking for an old classmate to play … high school graduates in the 1950s and 1960s!(I think it is a high education in my eyes. You must know that the father -in -law is one year younger than my dad. My dad will not even write his name for a few days in the first grade.), I know that he will help me pick up the child. I want I wantBuild debt to work.

The father -in -law did not tell his son, tell me that his son was sitting on the sofa at night to play with his mobile phone.If you do n’t work hard not to test the second construction, his son’s salary is 1300 yuan a month before I have a child. After I gave birth to a child, I took a child at home and took the mines after the thunder was burst.The father -in -law still cares about me, no matter his son.


Why do I want to wash my clothes, because I saw my father -in -law throw my mother -in -law’s shit directly into the washing machine, and I no longer needed that washing machine anymore. They came for three months, and my husband was tired of urination (usually clothes.Her husband who never took the initiative to do his job with his hand, because his in -laws were going to take a bath every day every day he was going to mop his mother to take a bath, tired).

My probation period is over. My father -in -law said that I got a salary of 3,000 yuan a month. My father -in -law said, "Which factory in my hometown is to clean up three thousand in the fact that my family is cleaned up."399 yuan cash red envelope.I transferred 200 yuan to my father -in -law, and my father -in -law said, "What kind of kindergarten aunt in our hometown also issued 300 yuan in cash and saving fees."

At noon, I went home for dinner at noon. My father -in -law waited for me to go home to make Chinese meals. I said that I finally ate a ready -made meal.

The child made a mistake and the father -in -law did not care. When I went home to teach me: "Children have to control, it’s time to fight." I called my father -in -law and pretended to be a good person and said, "Let grandpa hug, don’t fight."Nympho

If my husband’s urine bleeding is not reasonable, I will let the diet pay attention, do not want to take takeaway, let him bring meals, the father -in -law said, "Bringing meals at noon, how can I have time to cook him in the morning, I can’t get up so early!", I said that I got up to cook, and I booked a alarm clock every day to get up at 5 am to cook. The father -in -law watched TV at home during the day. My mother -in -law was bored and sleeping. At 11 pm, when we slept, the father -in -law quarreled with my mother -in -law.In this way, I slept for less than 4 hours every day, and I made up for noon. The father -in -law was actively urging me to go to work than my boss. I went to work at 2 o’clock and did not get a rest at home. He shouted and did not go to work.In about a month, I really started to be in a bad mood. I feel that they are not able to take a little effort to help me.Essence

Then I took the baby to work. How could I know that the epidemic began in 2019. It was serious in 2020, but fortunately my job was not affected, and the child gave it to my mother’s house.Everything is okay, that is, in 2022, the company began to reduce staff due to the affected project. I was half -resigned because the child had to let the summer vacation, and then I was half -resigned. I have been working part -time at home. In fact, I have not allowed my husband to support me.

It may be toil, there is no income at home, and there is no money to go to the mother’s house.I started to work again this year.What is the whole -time mother who came out to work?

Just for life, there is no money.

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