What causes my belly every day?Is there a good way to relieve flatulence?

In life, bloating seems to be a trivial matter, and most people do not pay attention to it.Over time, the bloating of the stomach is also uncomfortable!Regardless of the long time, it is likely to cause disease.

Excessive intestinal accumulation can cause flatulence in the stomach, and symptoms of abdominal flatulence occur when this occurs.Food residues in the intestine cannot be discharged in time, which is caused by intestinal dysfunction.After the food residue is accumulated, it will ferment to form a large amount of gases. Excessive gas cannot be absorbed by the intestine, and symptoms such as bloating, farting, and constipation occur.

1. Bad eating habits

Eating some foods that are not easy to digest with bean products, onions, etc., coupled with fast eating speed, opening mouth to sleep, carbonated drinks, etc.As a result, external air enters the intestine, and even some other foods that are prone to gas generated a large amount of gas during the digestion, which is easy to inhale too much and cause abdominal distension.

2. Mental stimulus

Long -term overtime, staying up late, living pressure, mental stress, etc., leading to people in a state of mental tension for a long time, weakening intestinal function, so indigestion and abnormal intestinal motion can cause abdominal distension.

3. The feeling of gases in the stomach causes the belly in the abdominal organs

In this case, doctors need to be asked to help. Different abdominal distension is related to the digestive system. It may be caused by gastrointestinal diseases, such as chronic gastritis and functional indigestion.The abdominal distension caused by the stomach is mostly located in the lower abdomen. This requires a timely medical treatment. Let the doctor help you diagnose the root cause of abdominal distension and detect and treat early.

How to relieve flatulence?These 4 points, help you

1. Eat more digestible foods

If the stomach itself is not good, and like to eat indigestible foods, these foods will inevitably stay in the intestine.The bacteria in the intestine start to ferment these food residues, and eventually produce unpleasant gases.If you have a bad gastrointestinal function, you should pay more attention to your diet. Eat more digestible foods to relieve flatulence.

2. Don’t talk while eating food

Don’t say anything, don’t go to bed.Do you follow such a habit?Some people always like to eat while eating, which is not good for the body.The first point is that speaking when eating is easy to cause food to be fully chewed, which causes large food to enter the esophagus, which may cause suffocation. Secondly, it is easy to eat a lot of gas, resulting in a large amount of air in the body and causing flatulence.

3. Eat more stomach foods

Frequent flatulence, in addition to pathological causes, is likely to be caused by insufficient gastrointestinal motility.Pay more attention to your diet. Eat less hard, fried, and cold foods. These foods are not conducive to gastrointestinal digestion. They also bring huge irritation to the stomach and intestines. They cannot control their mouths and are likely to aggravate gastrointestinal diseases.

4. Proper massage

In daily life, the stomach is prone to flatulence, and avoid eating some foods that are prone to gas, such as sweet potatoes and beans.If you eat it for a while, you can massage your stomach. Do not rub your belly with a counterclockwise direction. It will aggravate flatulence. Do not rub your belly immediately after eating, which is not good for gastrointestinal health.

In short, flatulence seems to be a trivial matter, but it is a big problem.There are often flatulence, and you need to be vigilant. It is likely to be caused by certain diseases. You need to go to the hospital for treatment, find out problems, and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment.

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