What changes will happen after pregnancy?

People always use the great mother’s love to cover up the pain of being a mother

After the last article, "What is the feeling below when giving birth", my sister was scared and said that having a child was too scary, and she would not get married or give birth to children.Life alone is good.

My mother didn’t agree with me so nakedly to show the truth of having a child in front of the public. "You tell the child so scary, others do not want to give birth when others know, why write this."

It’s not that I am scary, the fact is so scary, I just write the truth.

My mother, although the tone is not so indignant, but the attitude feels like her great mission with her human reproduction, and I hinders her career …

You see, it is strange that no one in life tells us how painful to have children, and even mothers are unwilling.In fact, people will use some strange causality to decorate this matter.

"My aunt hurts, it’s fine after giving birth."

"The skin is not good, just give birth to a child."

"You can grow taller."

"The confinement is the second time to develop."


Of course, when I sent it out, I was a little worried, and I was afraid of being anxious to be spreading.But casually, I continue to spread the anxiety today.

Tactical unreasonable division line

In fact, I have always had a strong willingness to give birth to children, but I have never had Dink’s determination and courage.

In the early stages of pregnancy, I took the initiative to learn about the impact of pregnancy and production on women’s bodies. It would be difficult to know that it would be difficult, and it was prepared to break the jar. But to this day, the child is almost two months old for almost two monthsCompared with many children, they are already an angel baby, but even so, thinking about what I felt in the past year, I still can’t resolutely say that I don’t regret it.

There are two "changes" for me. Let me write it first.

The skin is better.It is almost no longer acne, and it almost reaches the balance of water and oil.

Hair is not oily.It is probably the change of hormones. It was oily and itchy for 2 days before it was washed. After the second trimester, it was possible to wash it almost once a week (the king of the king was that she called her a little).

Then, the change is changed …

(The following symptoms are only what I have experienced, and it does not mean that all pregnant women will appear, but as far as I know, I am already the fairy physique in pregnant women, most of them are more uncomfortable)

(I try to recall from the sequence of the early-middle-late-late-postpartum.)

1. Swallowing.In fact, I am struggling to write this, because I have spit only once throughout the labor and happened in the third trimester, but after all, I also vomited.Without pregnancy, I have suffered 50%less than most pregnant women.

2. Gastrointestinal discomfort.Lieching but wanting to eat, more bloating, a vicious circle.It will disappear after 3 months.

3, palpitations, chest tightness.It appeared in early and late pregnancy.

4. pubic pain.It ’s the root of the thighs. Sitting or walking too long, you will feel the bone dislocation.Outstanding in the second trimester.

5, frequent urination.Anyway, I will urinate every time in the middle and late pregnancy, almost 30 minutes to 1 hour during the day.I go to work far away. It is about 50 minutes of normal.When you get back, your stomach hurts, and he can hardly go.In the end, you can only take a detour to the subway, because there is a toilet in the subway station, you can get off the bus at any time …

6. Legs restless syndrome.This phenomenon is relatively rare, and most people may not know much.If you are interested, you can check it. It is probably a symptom of itching and numbness in the front leg of sleep, but it can be solved without scratching. It is difficult to say anyway.I occasionally appeared before pregnancy. I was frequent in the middle of pregnancy. I often couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night to get up to make stretching and relief.

7. There are many farts.There are so many, still smelly …

8. Calf swelling and foot swelling.I appeared earlier. I started to swell from about 5 months. The instep was fat. After swollen, I couldn’t buy the right sandals at all.36’s feet began to wear 38 yards.

9. Sitting tail vertebral bone pain.

10. Occasionally tingling on the chest.

11. Pregnancy spots.There are a large area of my eyes and foreheads. Later, I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror.

12, stretch marks.I thought I could avoid it, but unfortunately it still appeared in the last two weeks of pregnancy … The current state after childbirth is that there is a gap on the belly.

13. Vaginitis.Because pregnancy will increase the secretions, the underwear can basically not maintain an hour of dryness. The long -term humid environment can easily breed bacteria, itching, dirty …

14, fat, round and thick back.I stayed alone in the field 35 weeks before pregnancy, and it was okay. Then I went home in the last month, and I was a bit uncontrollable. The whole pregnancy was 30 pounds, and it lost 20 pounds after giving birth.10 pounds of fat … In fact, the most afraid of is not fat, but the change of the whole body, which is very aunt.

15. Postpartum rectus abdominis division.The belly is loose, and the small belly is still like 4 or 5 months of pregnancy. Fortunately, medical technology can help restore it, and of course it must continue to exercise later.

16. The pelvis support is large.Friends around said that the buttocks visible to the naked eye became a lot.But no, my biggest pants before giving birth can not be put on …

17. Postpartum tail vertebral pain intensifies.There is no need to sit for a long time, and it is difficult to get up after sitting for 5 minutes …

18. More postpartum farts!About dozens of farts a day …

19. When I became more afraid of cold and hot, when the sky was slightly cold, I felt that the whole back was cold.

20. Well, it seems that that’s it.

In addition, there is a monthly inspection once a month to a weekly inspection, and the two arms are tied up with two arms …

In the end, I really want to emphasize it again. What I feel is better than many, many, many, many, many, many people, most people have to endure the vomit and vomit, and even the nostrils are swollen; the skin becomes worse; the nose changes to change;Big … more extreme here, nothing more than that.

Tactical unreasonable division line

I followed a blogger on Weibo. She shared the breeding of this and described it. "After giving birth to a child, I felt that a good machine was opened, and she was completely opened and assembled.It looks like the machine, but as soon as the operation is running, the parts sound together, as if the screws are loosened, there will always be a few parts that are sore, and you can’t go back to the original health state. "

What do you say? Actually, I thought, if I knew these things before pregnancy, would I still choose to be pregnant?Can’t answer.

Even more cruelly, it is the courage that most of us have no choice.We are just a common person who has been pushed away by life, knowing that there will be so many pains, but we have not only forced ourselves to prepare and stiff their heads.

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