What do you do every week during pregnancy?40 weeks super compiled, there is no preparation

1-40 weeks of pregnancy is a link that cannot be ignored. What do you need to do at each stage during pregnancy and what to pay attention to?It’s important!

Shu Yue’s mothers and infants are sorted out for expectant mothers, just take pictures every week ~ I wish every expectant mother can have a healthy and smart baby!

At this time, the nutrients needed by pregnant women will not be a lot of nutrition, mainly to replenish year of YE acid. During this period, there may be bad appetite, pregnancy vomiting, etc. This is normal. If you ca n’t eat meals, you can buy a can of milk powder for pregnant women to supplement nutrition.

During this period, you have to do a B -ultrasound. Forbidden to live in the husband and wife, do not do severe exercise, rest more in bed!

At this time, when the baby is long bones, there are a lot of nutrients that need to be needed. To strengthen nutrition and maintain sufficient sleep, it is mainly necessary to add more calcium, eat more kelp, soy milk tofu, milk, seaweed, fish and shrimp, etc.High food.

If you have the symptoms of cramps, you must replenish calcium, and you must remember to expose the sun at the same time as calcium. This is very important. In order to synthesize vitamin D to better promote the absorption of calcium.

You can live a husband and wife in the second trimester, but you should pay attention, you cannot excessively frequent.

It is important to understand the knowledge during pregnancy.

1. Pump blood in the urine test, confirm pregnancy

2. Folic acid continues to eat

3. Stay away from the crowd dense places, avoid sucking second -hand yan

1. 2 walnuts per day to promote the baby’s brain development

2. Avoid significant movements, avoid bending down

1.B Super confirmation in intrauterine pregnancy

2. Hospital Card

3. Relieve pregnancy vomiting, get up a glass of water early, and eat fruit properly

1. The life of husband and wife must be controlled

2. Don’t take urine, don’t take a bath

3. Comfortable to wear, avoid learning to the abdomen

1. There are many sweats, more leucorrhea, and changing panties in diligence

2. Apply a moisturizing oil in the belly to prevent stretch patterns in the middle and late pregnancy

1. Pay attention to the cleaning care of the breast

2. Keep adequate sleep and stay up late

3. 6-8 cups of water per day to promote the body’s metabolism

1. Avoid noise pollution

2. Prepare chromosome congenital metabolism

3. No makeup

1. Learn more about pregnancy and childcare knowledge

2. If needed, prepare for the Yuexun/Confine Center

3. Walk after meals

1.NT examination

2. Try to reduce staying up late

3. Proper aerobic exercise daily

1. Non -invasive DNA and Tang’s second choice

2. Share the news of pregnancy with family and friends

3. Prepare clothes during pregnancy

1. Basic pregnancy is basically end, good eating, balanced nutrition

2. The hot pot must be cooked

3. Develop the habit of defecation in the morning to avoid constipation

1. Pay attention to oral hygiene to avoid periodontitis

2. Go to some hospital/community courses

1. Tang’s screening

2. Learning records to measure fetal movement

3. Talk to your baby and sing more

1. The belly becomes larger, prepare for a pregnant woman’s pillow

2. Do pregnancy yoga, but consult a doctor

1. Eat less meals

2. Can be used for amniotic fluid puncture

3. Began to feel the fetal movement of vomiting bubbles

1. Actively do prenatal education

2. If you are panicked, check the hospital in time

3 You can live in the second trimester, but consult a doctor

1. Big row of abnormal examination

2. Try to sleep on the left side as much as possible

1. Pay attention to keep warm during pregnancy, don’t wear too lightly

2. Fake contractions, don’t worry

1. Cravids, strollers, etc. buy scattered flavors in advance

2. Learn for childbirth knowledge

3. Doctors may let you calcium supplementation

1. Pay attention to control blood sugar in advance

2. After meals, walk

3. Should not sit for a long time

1. Sugar resistance examination

2. The baby becomes larger, and the stomach may be uncomfortable

3. Sleep at night may cramp

1. Check the checkup

2. Make iron supplement according to the doctor’s suggestion

3. If there is a history of fetal stopping, the checkup should be closely

1. It will secrete the collapse, do not squeeze

2. Persist in prenatal education

1. You can make an appointment to take a pregnant woman photo

2. May have edema, low salt and low sugar

1. Pay attention to control weight

2. The body is bulky, pay attention to anti -slip

3. Prepare to be given a bag

1. Help the baby to get a good name

2. Prevent premature birth and seek medical treatment in time

3. Wear breastfeeding underwear to prevent breast development from being blocked

1. Two -row default examination

2. Go to the pre -delivery course with your husband

3. Don’t sit for a long time, massage can reduce leg edema

1. Start with nipple cream

2. Pseudo -contractions may occur

3. If the fetal movement is abnormal, seek medical treatment immediately

1. Daddy talks to the baby

2. Start recording fetal movements

3. The fetus compresses the bladder, and the number of urine times increases

1. Breathing problems may occur

2. Navel protruding

3. Baby B -ultrasound examination (small rows/eclampsia)

1. Understand Ramazize breathing method

2. A perineal massage reduce tear/side cutting

1. Packing the baby room and baby supplies

2. Adhering to proper exercise can help delivery

1. Pionic heart monitoring

2. Potting bottom muscle training

3. Start into the pot

1. It’s full moon

2. Filial position inspection confirmation production method

3. Preparation of the birth package, the baby may start in advance

4. Understand the production process of the hospital

1. Learn confinement knowledge

2. Learn the sample of production

1. Routine production inspection

2. If a cesarean section, eat less qi foods

1. Check the documents again and give birth to the production package

2. Ready to launch at any time

3. It is best to prepare postpartum preparation

The one -stop confinement nursing plan of Shuyue mother and baby has been detected from pregnancy to detect Baoma’s physique during pregnancy, and formulates a set of exclusive solutions for Baoma, so that Baoma can spend pregnancy comfortably and safely as possible to correct the fetus.In the middle and late pregnancy, the physical condition of pregnant mothers, such as edema during pregnancy, waist soreness, and mood anxiety, etc.

With good care during pregnancy, confinement will sit better.

After giving birth, there will be professional care and health care solutions for Baoma and babies. How can confinement meals eat nutritional balance?How to regulate the body after delivery fast?How to prevent your baby’s daily care and common diseases, and how do babies enlighten?We will all have corresponding solutions.

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